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As Tornado Sirens Blare Through Dallas, Everyone Proceeds To Lose Their Fucking Mind

Is it the sound of America becoming Great again?

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Around 11:45 p.m. Friday night calls started coming in to Dallas 911 that tornado sirens were going off despite clear weather.

The City posted a press release claiming the sirens were a "malfunction," but it didn't take long for citizens to start freaking out, causing #sirens to start trending on Twitter.

Is it the sound of America becoming Great again? #sirens #dallas #nothankyou #changedmymind

The hero this city needs, but not the one it deserves. #dallas #sirens #dallassirens

Me currently with the sirens going off for the 19th time #Dallas #Sirens

Remember when Obama was president and we could sleep at night? Well not anymore. #sirens #TrumpRussia

When #sirens keep going off in Dallas and they keep telling us it's a malfunction in the system.

Ever wonder what the end of the world feels like? #dallas #sirens

#sirens when you hear sirens and looking for missiles to start falling from the sky

Thank you City of Dallas #Sirens via @GIPHY

#sirens when I heard the sirens #WWIII #americaisoverparty

#sirens malfunctioning the day after we shoot missiles is not the most fun. #dallas THANKS.

When you see #sirens are trending because they are randomly going off in Dallas and no one knows why

these sirens I can't 😐 I'm so scared #ripdallas #sirens

Some blamed it on the Russians...

It's the Russians πŸ’€ #Dallas #sirens

Yea, it's a "malfunction" πŸ€”πŸ€” #Sirens

Some had other ideas...

#Sirens found the reasons for the sirens. At least it's not a tornado @CarrolltonTXPD

Others were mad at the speed it took the City and local media to communicate the issue...

Let's not forget to mention that the news took ages to let us know what was going on. Get it together. Dallas…

Why isn't there something on TV about this? #sirens #Dallas

It's kinda sad that I have to go to twitter to find out what's going on because 911 clearly doesn't know either. #sirens

But then there were helicopters...

When you thought they had figured out the #sirens in #DFW

Why would the FBI comment and helicopters be flying around for malfunctioning tornado sirens? #Sirens

okay but question: if it's just a malfunction how come i've been hearing helicopters above me for the past hour πŸ€” #sirens

Okay, so the #sirens are gone.... but now there are 2938373920239 helicopters flying around #wtf

Okay... so I'm not going crazy... In the midst of all this #sirens chaos in #dfw ... I've heard a bunch of helicopters too. Anybody else??

Okay but on the real though why are there helicopters if this is just a "malfunction" ? @DallasPD #sirens

But the City of Dallas remained it was all just a "malfunction"...

System malfunction with City of Dallas siren system. Crews working to fix. No emergency. Please do NOT call 911. Thank you.

At the end of it all lies the truest Tweet to ever happen...

The amount of tweets and texts about air raids in Dallas right now would be funny if the world wasn't like it is currently. #dfw #sirens

**UPDATE** April 8, the city of Dallas reported that the emergency alert system had been hacked by individuals in Dallas. They stated they knew how the hackers got into the system, but for safety reasons did not report their findings. The city is working with the Federal Communications Committee to investigate the situation.

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