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100 Thoughts We've All Had At IKEA

"I think this might be Disney World for adults."

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1. Why did I need to drive two hours out of my way to go see this "magical" place?

2. Seriously, they have a parking garage? Do they REALLY need a parking garage?

3. I thought I lucked out and found a whole row of parking spots, but they're just for eco-friendly cars. Excuse me, Sweden, this is 'MERICA. Where's the giant gas-guzzling SUV parking lane?

4. Why is the entrance so far away?

5. I chose the wrong shoes for this.

6. I can't figure out why I'm overwhelmingly excited and scared at the same time.

7. They have a free daycare where you can leave your kids?! THANK THE LORD.

8. They should have these children dumping grounds everywhere. Ew, children.

9. Should I grab a cart or a bag? No! I just came to browse.

10. These little rooms they've created to help give you decorating ideas are genius.

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11. I should run through the store. No, I shouldn't. Yes, I should. No, I shouldn't.

12. I wonder if I design my apartment EXACTLY like this little model, it would make me look like I have my shit together.

13. How did they fit all this furniture in 500 sq. ft.?

14. Even better, how did they fit all this furniture in 500 sq. ft. AND it only costs $1,000?!

15.Wait, was that a child peeking out from under the bed?

mcconaughi / Via tumblr

16. So many sofas.

17. I could use a new sofa.

18. No, I don't need a new sofa.

19. The uniforms the sale associates wear are God awful ugly.

20. Nobody has asked me if I need help, yet. Maybe that's why everything is so cheap.

21. Let's be honest, I wouldn't approach people in that outfit either.

22. I'm glad they have arrows on the floor, you know, in case I get lost in this labyrinth.

23. I could totally use this patio table and chair set, y'know, if I had actually had a patio.

24. ...or even just a balcony.

25. I have a fire-escape.

minishawaf / Via Tumblr

26. Why do I hear a child screaming?

27. My feet hurt.

28. Is there only one bathroom?

29. I should've brought a measuring tape...

30. And a decorator...

31. And a loan officer...

32. And a life coach...


34. Well if I save on my data plan this month, that'll validate buying $2,000 in stuff, right?

35. NO! I'm just browsing.

36. Why do they have entire kitchens that you can buy?

37. Who's buying an entire kitchen?

38. "Yes, sir, I'd like to buy this entire room, please."

39. I'm confused -- is IKEA meant for people building and designing their brand new house or for city dwellers looking for a cheap update?

GrumpyMe / Via Tumblr

40. How long have I been in here?

41. Has the weather changed outside?

42. Have the seasons changed?

43. I keep seeing signs for the restaurant, but where is it?

44. I feel like I'm stuck in Narnia.

45. So. Much. Bedroom. Furniture.

46. That's a small change. I'll just update my bedroom with some new furniture.

47. AJKAJSLKFDJKD this bed is so comfy.

48. Do they have the beds around halfway through the store so you can take a nap?

49. Why is there a small child jumping on all of the beds?

50. Where are his parents?

51. And why didn't they leave him at the child dumping ground where he belongs?

52. I think I smell the restaurant.

7yx / Via Tumblr


54. I have to get the meatballs, cause "when in Rome," 'ya know?

55. What's a lingonberry?

56. 15 meatballs sound like a lot.

57. I don't think he counted when he put them on my plate.

58. All this food looks super healthy.

59. I bet the Swedes are super healthy.

60. Wait, HOW MUCH DO I OWE?! THAT'S It?!

61. Where was this place when I was in college?!

62. Oh. My. Goodness. These meatballs were sent from heaven.

63. These lingonberries are not what I thought they would taste like.

64. I think I like them. No, I don't. Yes, I do. No. No, I don't.

65. Meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries. This is like a Swedish Thanksgiving plate, if the Swedes had Thanksgiving.

friendstvshowuk / Via Tumblr

66. Back to shopping, erm, browsing, now that I've gotten my energy back up.

67. What's up with all these crazy names?

68. Are they really Swedish?

69. Google Translate can't even figure this name out.

70. I wonder if IKEA has a team of people who just sit around all day making fake Swedish names.

71. What is the Marketplace? Do they sell food here too?

72. Oh, it's like plates and stuff.

73. Well I can always use more mugs...

74. And decorative plants...

75. I'll just grab this bag right over here.

76. This bag is getting heavy.

77. Oh perfect, they have a cart that I can attach my bag to!

78. Now I can get more of these placemats...and this cutting board...and napkin rings.

79. LAMPS!

80. It's so warm and toasty in this lamp room.

81. I need a table lamp, and a ceiling lamp, and a floor lamp, and a wall lamp, and a lamp for my lamp, and a lamp for my car, and a lamp for my desk, and a lamp for my closet.

DoctorDistress / Via Tumblr

82. Ok, well I'm already buying stuff so I might as well go back to that bedroom furniture and writing down the aisle numbers.

83. While I'm at it, let me just re-walk the store and get numbers for everything I want.

84. Does IKEA have credit? I think I'm gonna need to take out some credit.

85. Ok, time to go take all this off the shelf.

86. I should've brought some friends for this.

87. I need to take how many boxes off this shelf by myself?!

88. Maybe I can pull some damsel in distress stuff and someone will help me.

89. Nope. No one cares that I almost broke my back in half.

90. Whoa whoa whoa, all these people are in here and they only have a couple of registers open?! What is this. Walmart?

91. Why do they have more furniture here by the checkouts? Am I just supposed to casually pick up this lawnchair and put it in my cart too?

92. Well, this lawnchair is kind of nice...

93. Why is the snack bar so close yet so far?

94. I wonder if this guy behind me will hold my spot in line if I go get a hot dog.

95. Maybe if I get him a hot dog too?

96. Finally, I'm outta here!

97. Shoot, where did I park?

98. How is all of this gonna fit in the car?


100. I wanna come back tomorrow.

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