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  • Your Oscar Party Menu In Gifs

    Welcome to my annual Oscars Party! This year’s theme is The Fork Awakens! Let me take your Coat Winslet, you sure look like you’re ready to Hateful Ate. Danish, girl, please, kick your shoes off, get cozy, and let’s get ready for four hours of string instruments. We’ve asked Leonardo to sit in the Alicia Viklaundry room, as he was only invited as a joke and his vape pen makes the food go cold. Please, take this Chris Block of cheese to start and prepare to get Fat Damon, eat a Fury Load and make yourself Sicario. En-Joy!

  • Your 2015 Oscar Party Menu In Gifs

    We’ve emptied out the Marion Cabinets and stuffed the Neil Patrick Haggis to the brim, because you are cordially invited to Everything is Slawsome: My Annual Oscar Party Feast. All gifs created by Matt Laud.

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