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Jan 2015
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  • sarahs4672c807e's avatar

    sarahs4672c807e commented on Mombod Is The Internet's Reaction To The Dadbod Trend

    Isn't mombod already a thing. I can't look on the internet, go to the gym, or really do anything without someone telling me how 'beautiful' she is and how women shouldn't be judged. These sentiments are held by the same women that want equality but only want the good parts. I don't… 

    6 years ago

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  • sarahs4672c807e's avatar

    sarahs4672c807e commented on What's The One Thing You Wish You Were Told Before You Had Kids?

    I have 2. 1) The things you think are gross before, won't faze you after a while. So, you got peed on (what is a little tinkle between friends) Poop on your hand (thats what soap is for) Vomit on your shirt ( it's only a little bit I can still get a few more hours out of this shirt).… 

    6 years ago

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