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Piper Palin's Flippin Scandel !

I made a post a few days ago called Piper Is My Favorite Palin By Far that featured this picture

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  • According to this is a known fake.

    "Young Piper wasn't captured on camera "flipping off," "giving the finger," "flipping the bird," or any other euphemism for the impolite display of contempt that involves holding up one's hand with the middle finger extended."

  • Snopes says this is an altered version of a photograph which shows that Piper was actually holding up two fingers at the time the picture was snapped.

    I don't buy it.I think the second picture was made after the fact to absolve Sarah Palin of the bad press Sarah was getting from this.The look on young Pipers face isn't saying "peace to you my new friend" it says "fuck you and your Granny pal" .What do you guys think?

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