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    Christopher Walken Caught Wearing Bunny Suit ...again!

    I can't pretend to know his motivation for having his picture taken while wearing bunny suits.All I know is that I have never loved him more. Here are the top six pictures of Christopher Walken caught wearing a bunny suit.

    • This is just bizarre.

      What the hell is he holding?

    • This suprised me a little.

      Who knew he even played violin?

    • Awww...

      He looks so young here.

    • Hmmm...

      I'm no expert but this one looks like it might be Photoshopped.

    • Inspiring!

    • This is my favorite.

      This is the only one of the bunny suit pics that Walken admits he posed for but cryptically says (through his Rep) "Everyone makes mistakes."

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