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11 Mesmerizing Art Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

Mesmerizing, enthralling, captivating, hypnotizing, satisfying and engrossing don't even begin to cover it.

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1. @tortus_copenhagen

Instagram: @tortus_copenhagen

It's no secret that potter Eric Landon is not only hot, but extremely talented. If you don't get immense pleasure from watching this video, there may be something wrong with you.

2. @mr_riu

Instagram: @mr_riu

Not only does this Japanese paper cutter post calming videos of exacto knife cutting, his final products are just as amazing.

3. @literaturechild

Instagram: @literaturechild

Iris Nan's satisfying paint mixing videos are also no secret but are deserving of a spot on this list nonetheless.

4. @visothkakvei

Instagram: @visothkakvei

This artist and graphic designer posts daily videos like this of his incredibly detailed work. But he also somehow makes simple drawings look flawless as well.

5. @elspethmclean

Instagram: @elspethmclean

This dotillism artist paints on traditional canvas, but her designs on stones of all shapes and sizes are what really rock. (See what I did there? 😉)

6. @kingblottothethird

Instagram: @kingblottothethird

After discovering this account it's safe to say any form of productivity I might have possessed immediately vanished.

7. @baidrovo

Instagram: @baidrovo

From pens to paint to Adobe Illustrator, this designer has mastered the art of lettering and her videos could not be more captivating.

8. @skipner

Instagram: @skipner

If you've ever felt the need to see Jim Morrison drawn without looking, this Los Angeles artist and writer can help.

9. @cindylaneart

Instagram: @cindylaneart

This Australian artist and illustrator's nature-themed watercolor videos are in a world of their own.

10. @suuszen

Instagram: @suuszen

How someone can draw such uniform shapes freehand I will never know.

11. @fayehallidayart

I could watch these time lapse videos of larger than life drawings until the end of time.

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