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    19 Products You Might Need If You Love All Things Sparkly

    🎵 Shining, shimmering, splendid🎵

    1. A stylish face mask, because we all know protecting ourselves and others is super important, but you can also be your extra self while doing it. It has elastic to securely fit against your face, and it can be thrown in the wash for easy sanitizing.

    2. Some paint that'll add a pretty shimmer to anywhere you add it in your home. Put a fun accent on a vase or picture frame, use a stencil to create artwork and signs, or go full tilt and fully cover that one wall that you don't know what to do with.

    Four jars of paints are opened showing their sparkles

    3. A thank you card, because the world can always do with a bit more gratitude. The inside is blank, so you can write a good, long note to that special person that's been a huge help lately, or a note of appreciation to a frontline worker that you know.

    A card says thank you on the front

    4. A lipgloss that has a bit of a gross name, but looks really pretty on your lips. It smells like cotton candy, isn't sticky at all, and made with an oil base that'll keep your lips moisturized, so pucker up and take a few selfies for your dating profile.

    A person holds two tubes of the product beside their lips which are very sparkly

    5. A really nice nail polish, because a good mani can make you feel like you're ready to slay dragons. This flecked formula is perfect for adding a shimmery pop to any outfit, and it'll look gorgeous on anyone.

    Three hands holding the nail polish bottle and wearing the nail polish

    6. Or some press-on nails, if you can't grow your natural nails out or normally prefer having short nails. Reviewers say they last for up to three weeks on your hand (which is longer than most nail polishes!) and can withstand cleaning, swimming, and even playing in the sand with little ones.

    A set of press on nails in different sizes to correspond to actual fingerprint sizes filled with sparkles

    7. An eyeshadow palette that's so pigmented and shiny, astronauts will probably be able to spot you from space. Pack on the creamy, blendable shades for a truly spectacular makeup look, because subtlety is overrated, in my opinion.

    An eyeshadow palette with the colours swatched on a forearm and fingers

    8. Or some liquid eyeliners, if you prefer a little sparkle accent rather than a full eye of it. Use it on its own across your lashline, or pair it with a black eyeliner for a more dramatic look.

    A set of ten colourful eyeliners and eyes showing off looks with them

    9. A highlighter that'll truly make your cheekbones pop. It's a jelly-based formula that glides onto your skin and can be layered for a light, dewy sheen, or packed on for a super glowy look.

    10. And some makeup brushes that are just as shimmery as the makeup they'll be applying. They come in a set of ten and will help you apply all kinds of makeup. Oh, and you'll also get a pretty carrying case, so you don't lose any of your tools.

    Nine makeup brushes with sparkly handles in a sparkly makeup bag

    11. Some scrunchies with a little shimmer that'll add a sparkle to your 'do, even if its just a giant bun on top of your head. They have a sturdy elastic that'll accommodate even the most voluminous of locks, and they come in a pack of five, so you can toss one in your purse, one in your car, keep one at your desk, wear one on your wrist, and have one extra to spare in case of a hair emergency.

    Five scrunchies with a faint shine held together by packaging

    12. Or some gem-encrusted hair clips, so you can take accessorizing to the next level. These are also great for pinning up those baby hairs that always want to spring loose from your ponytails and braids.

    Four hair clips decorated with sparkling stones

    13. A gorgeous broach that would make a lovely statement piece on your purse, scarf, or lapel. You could even add it to your hair for an unexpected little accent.

    A decorative broach on a wooden plank

    14. A set of jacket earrings that'll glam up your look and can be worn two ways: either with just the stud, or with the dangling jacket attached at the back.

    15. A candle holder that'll bring a little mysterious shimmer to evenings when you have the lights dimmed. Grab some popcorn, get snuggled on the couch, and put on The Notebook for the billionth time.

    A candle votive is illuminated by a candle

    16. A chandelier that'll add some sparkle to an entire room and make your space look like an honest to goodness adult lives in it. The raindrop crystals give off some romantic vibes when they catch the light, so it might be a good fit for the bedroom. 😘

    A chandelier with strings of crystals hang in a bedroom

    17. A pair of sparkly heels that are almost too fabulous to be real. These vampy stilettos have a pointed toe heel and you can swipe the sequins backwards for a gold and silver sequin effect.

    A pair of stilettos with rainbow sequins

    18. Or some slip-ons with a durable heel that you'll be able to walk around comfortably in all day. Reviewers say they're even cuter in person and that they have a little stretch, so they'll mould to the shape of your feet after you've broken them in.

    A pair of slip-on  shoes by a pair of denim shorts

    19. And lastly, a print that'll hopefully serve as a gentle reminder that you are beautiful and full of sparkles and no one should ever be allowed to bring you down. I believe in you!

    A print says never let anyone dull your sparkle in gold foil with hearts

    You, asking yourself if you need all of these things:

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