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    23 Products For Anyone Who Just Really Loves Wine

    It's always wine o'clock somewhere.

    1. A wine glass that'll hold an entire bottle of wine, which is truly a whole damn mood. Pick up your favourite bottle of vino and pour all 750mls of that goodness into your gigantic glass.

    2. A wine glass that you just screw into the top of your bottle, so you can drink directly from it. You know you're going to finish the entire bottle anyways — might as well drink right out of it!

    3. Some wine glass markers that'll let you write directly onto the glass, so you'll never mix up which glass of vino is yours. It dries quickly, won't smear, and cleaning up just requires warm water and dish soap.

    4. Or some wine charms, if you'd prefer to just put a little doodad around the stem of your glass. They're themed after the most popular destinations around the world, so grab the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Opera House to mark your glass for the evening.

    A wine glass with charms of famous landmarks

    5. A tote bag that'll discreetly hold and pour an entire two bottles of wine. Just pour your favourite blend into the insulated, removable, hidden pouch, and pour it out through the little tap on the outside of the bag as needed.

    6. A decorative shadow box that you can add your corks into once you've finished a bottle. It's a cute way to remember the evenings spent chatting over a glass or two, and it would look great on a coffee table, bookshelf, or mounted on the wall.

    7. Or a galvanized metal cork holder if your aesthetic leans more towards industrial chic. The letters can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on what works best for your space — or they could be stood up right on a table, mantel, or bar.

    The word wine is spelled out with corks in the letters

    8. Some cooling wine glasses that’ll get your wine to the right temperature, if you didn’t have time to pre-chill it. Put the glasses in the freezer if you plan on drinking white, rosé, or bubbly, or put a glass in the fridge if you like your red wine a little cooled down (like a pinot noir).

    Three frosty glasses have white rosé and red wine in them

    9. Or some sassy wine glasses, if you can relate to these adorably inebriated little friends. The print won't fade if you put them in the dishwasher, so cleanup will be a breeze if you've had one too many and handwashing seems a little risky.

    Four wine glasses one with a bee that says buzzed one with a skunk that says skunked one with a fox that says intoxicated and one with a sloth that says slothed

    10. Or a set of 12 unbreakable, recyclable wine glasses, if you're drinking out on the patio or at the cottage, because your good crystal glasses shouldn't be used outside. They won't chip or crack, so all you have to do is say cheers!

    11. A wine harness for when you need to be able to use both of your hands, but obviously need to have your wine with you. It also fits a can, bottle, or pint glass, so you can always take your adult beverage along on your adventures.

    A wine glass sits in a holder lopped around a person's neck

    12. A winerack that'll make your place look like an actual adult lives in it, because wineracks are ~fancy~. Stock up on a few of your favourite bottles, because having some of the good stuff on hand is always a good idea.

    A winerack sits on a table with wine bottles in it and a glass of red wine beside it

    13. A bath caddy that'll hold all your devices, so you can catch up on your fav show while having a long soak. It's made of pure bamboo and can extend to fit pretty much any bathtub. There’s a spot on the caddy for all of your needs, including a specially-designed wine glass holder.

    A bath caddy is stretched across a tub with a  glass of wine, a tablet and a candle

    14. Or a bath caddy that just holds the only thing you need after a long day: your wine glass. It'll suction onto your shower or bath wall and can hold up to seven pounds, so go ahead and pour yourself a couple of extra ounces — you deserve it!

    A suction cup holds a glass of wine on a bathtub as a hand reached for it

    15. A wine aerator that'll make even the cheapest of red wines taste delicious. Just put the device on top of an open bottle of wine and as you pour it into a glass, the aerator will give it a kick of oxygen that'll smooth out any harsh notes.

    Red wine is poured into a glass using an aerator

    16. Or a wine decanter if you want to let your wine breathe for a bit before you drink it. The wide width at the bottom ensures that the wine is as exposed as much air as possible, and it has a slanted mouth, so it's easy to pour without spilling everywhere.

    A person pours red wine into a decanter

    17. A champagne stopper that'll keep the bubbles in your bubbly if you don't manage to finish the whole bottle. It can hold up to 13 pounds of pressure, so you don't have to worry about the lid popping off, meaning you can enjoy your sparkles the next day without hassle.

    A bottle of champagne in a fridge with a resealed bottle

    18. Or a vacuum pump sealer that'll keep your bottle fresh for up to 14 days, if you're not a frequent drinker but do like a glass every now and then. It works by sucking all the air out of the bottle, so the wine won't oxidize and become bitter.

    19. A rabbit lever corkscrew remover that'll cut through bottles that have foil and easily open your wine in just two motions. Just position the screw over the cork, push down the lever, pull up, and bam! Your wine will be opened in under five seconds.

    20. Or a tried-and-true corkscrew if you're looking for something that takes up a little less space. It takes a little elbow grease to use this kind of device, but it's much less likely to cork the bottle than other types of openers.

    21. Some slippers that'll keep your feet warm if the air-conditioned tile is a bit much for your sensitive tootsies. They're soft and non-skid, so you don't have to worry that you'll go flying across the hardwood if you've had a glass or two (...or three or four).

    One slipper says wine not and the  other has a glass of red and white wine clinking

    22. A wine scanner that you dip into your wine; it then relays details about the wine to your smartphone via an app. It'll break down information like strength, tannins, acidity, evolution, and it lets you build tags, so over time you'll have a personalized database that'll let you know exactly which kind of wine you like.

    A glass of wine with a scanner in it sending information to a smartphone

    23. And lastly, a wine guidebook that's a great companion for newbies as well as longtime tipplers. It's the winner of the super prestigious James Beard award and breaks down everything from types of grapes to what foods should be paired with which wines.

    A book called wine folly

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