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    22 Of The Best Gifts For Every Wine Lover In Your Life

    It's always wine o'clock somewhere.

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    1. A wine glass that they just screw into the top of their bottle, so they can drink directly from it. You know they're going to finish the entire bottle anyways — they might as well drink right out of it!

    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $28.04.

    2. A prosecco glass that'll hold an entire bottle of bubbly, which is truly a whole damn mood. Pick up their favourite bottle and they can enjoy it all at once in this gigantic glass.

    A bottle of prosecco beside a glass holding the entire bottle
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $23.99.

    3. Or a wine glass for the Schitt's Creek fan who can't get enough of Alexis's most iconic line. Pick it up for that friend who's ~simply the best~.

    A wine glass that says Ew David
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from PrettyPartyProjects on Etsy Canada for $32.50 (also available as "Love That Jouney").

    4. A pair of socks that’ll keep their tootsies warm while they kick back and enjoy a glass after a long day.

    A pair of socks with wine glasses on them
    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $10.

    5. A pair of earrings for your special someone who loves a good glass of bubbly. They're made with gold surgical steel posts, so they're safe for even the most sensitive skin.

    A pair of stamped earrings with champagne
    ModCloth / Via

    Get it from ModCloth for $18.

    6. A freezable wine bag that'll keep their bottle of pinot grigio nice and frosty. They just stick it in their freezer overnight, pop their favourite bottle in, buckle it, and it’ll keep everything chilled for hours.

    A wine bag that can be put in the freezer with a buckle
    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $23.

    7. Or a tote bag that'll discreetly hold and pour an entire two bottles of wine. All they need to do is pour their favourite blend into the insulated, removable, hidden pouch, and pour it out through the little tap on the outside of the bag as needed.

    Amazon Canada / Via, @portovinowinepurse / Via

    It also totally functions as just a cute bag as well!

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $74.99+ (available in seven colours).

    8. A set of eight wine glass charms, so they'll never pick up their partners glass of pinot noir instead of their own merlot.

    A set of charms shaped like succulents
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from LaGriffeduChat on Etsy Canada for $13.50.

    9. A decorative shadow box that they can add their corks to once they’ve finished a bottle.. It's a cute way to remember the evenings spent chatting over a glass or two, and it would look great on a coffee table, bookshelf, or mounted on the wall.

    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $29.89 (available in two styles).

    10. A wine harness for the friend who constantly has their hands full, but obviously needs to have their wine on them. It also fits a can, bottle, or pint glass, so they can take any of their adult beverages along on their adventures.

    A wine glass sits in a holder lopped around a person's neck
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get a two-pack from Amazon Canada for $13.62.

    11. A pine wine rack that'll make their home look all kinds of grown up. It keeps the bottles tilted at an angle to keep the corks wet, so they won't dry out and crumble when it's time to open them (which is the worst).

    A wine bottle holder with the bottles at an angle
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from WoodstoreGifts on Etsy Canada for $57.63.

    12. Or a flamingo bottle holder that'll hug their favourite bottle of cabernet sauvignon and make it look even fancier.

    A flamingo holds a bottle of wine
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from Tongrocery on Etsy Canada for $27.85.

    13. A bath caddy that has a specially-designed wine glass holder for the ultimate relaxing treat. It's made of pure bamboo and can extend to fit pretty much any bathtub.

    A bath caddy is stretched across a tub with a  glass of wine, a tablet and a candle
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $45.99.

    14. A wine aerator for the friend that likes a nice glass but likes to keep it budget-friendly. Just put the device on top of an open bottle of wine and as they pour, the aerator will give the wine a kick of oxygen that’ll smooth out any harsh notes.

    A bottle of wine with an aerator on it pours wine into a glass
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $34.25.

    15. Or a wine decanter, if they like to let their nice bottle breathe before they drink it. The wide width at the bottom ensures that the wine is exposed to as much air as possible, and it has a slanted mouth, so it's easy to pour without spilling everywhere.

    A person pours red wine into a decanter
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $48.95.

    16. A face mask for the person who knows it’s important to keep themselves and everyone around them safe, while still showing off some personality.

    A face mask that says will remove for wine
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from TheRusticGalCanada on Etsy Canada for $14.

    17. A champagne stopper that'll keep the bubbles in their bubbly if they don't manage to finish the whole bottle. It can hold up to 13 pounds of pressure, so they don't have to worry about the lid popping off, meaning they can enjoy their sparkles the next day without hassle.

    A bottle of champagne in a fridge with a resealed bottle
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $12.73+ (available in three styles).

    18. Or a crystal wine stopper that'll make their half-empty bottle of chardonnay look Insta-worthy.

    A hand holding two wine stoppers
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from endlessguidance on Etsy Canada for $45.27.

    19. A vacuum pump sealer that'll keep their bottle fresh for up to 14 days, if they're not a frequent drinker but do like a glass every now and then. It works by sucking all the air out of the bottle, so the wine won't oxidize and become bitter.

    Amazon Canada / Via

    It comes with six reusable stoppers, so they can have multiple bottles on the go at once.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $14.99.

    20. A set of wine bottle labels that you can paste on over your loved one's favourite bottle of wine that's sure to make them smile.

    Wine bottle labels that say I'm here for you, please don't make me drink alone, I thought you might need this more than a casserole, rough day rose, I brought a friend to help
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Just peel the backing off and stick if on a clean glass bottle or over an existing label.

    Get a set of five from MERRILYDESIGNS on Etsy Canada for $10.

    21. A wine guidebook that's a great companion for newbies as well as longtime tipplers. It's the winner of the super prestigious James Beard award and breaks down everything from types of grapes to what foods should be paired with which wines.

    A book called wine folly
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $45.32 (hardcover), or $18.99 (Kindle).

    22. And lastly, a sweatshirt for that friend who's had a rough year (which is pretty much everyone, tbh). Fingers and toes crossed for better things in 2021!

    A sweater that says wine noun the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from IslandDistrictCO on Etsy Canada for $44.99 (available in five colours and XS-3XL).

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