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    19 Products That'll Upgrade Your Next Binge-Watching Session

    Comfy clothes? Check. Snacks? Check.

    1. Some comfy PJ pants to slip on before you get settled into your bingeing sesh. The leopard print is perfect if you're about to watch Tiger King for the first (or tenth) time.

    2. A hooded sweatshirt nightgown combo that's truly everything you could possibly need in a cozy garment. Pair it with some fuzzy slippers or fluffy socks for a chic bedtime lewk.

    3. Or a pair of buttery-soft tights if you prefer something more fitted. They're made for yoga, so they're super stretchy, but they're also great for when you and your couch have metamorphosized into one creature.

    4. A soft polar fleece throw, so you can get nice and snuggly before diving into the deeply compelling hot mess of Love is Blind. This also works if you want to, *ahem,* Netflix and chill if the mood strikes.

    5. Or a textured knit throw, if you're looking for something a little bit lighter. Grab a cup of tea and queue up every episode of Gourmet Makes on YouTube, or ASMR videos, if that's more your jam.

    6. A sleepy little sloth pillow that is truly a whole damn mood. This little guy will prop up your neck for when you've reached episode 983 of Grey's Anatomy and can no longer hold it up yourself.

    7. Or a poof made of cozy fleece that'll feel super soft on your face. This would also be great for clutching to your chest as you sob to the ending of The Notebook or The Fault in Our Stars.

    8. Some pretty crystal agate coasters that'll protect your coffee table from those unsightly water rings. Just think of how proud your mom will be of you.

    9. A little feline snack bowl that'll keep you company if you're bingeing The Great British Bake Off alone. Fill it with popcorn, candy, nuts, or olives, or mix 'em all in there together if you're that kind of monster — but keep in mind that Mary Berry is probably (almost definitely) judging you.

    10. Or snack bowl with dividers, if you hate when your food touches other foods like I do. Keep your cookies safe from cross-contaminating with your cheese cubes and deli meat.

    11. A chip and dip tray, because guac and chips is the best snack out there and I am more than happy to stand on a soapbox and argue with anyone that feels otherwise. Add some red pepper flakes to your next guac for a bit of heat, just like the entire first episode of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle.

    12. A collapsible popcorn popper that'll liberate you from using those microwavable store-bought baggies. Just add the kernels into the bowl, put the lid on, and you'll have a fresh (and healthy!) treat in under five minutes.

    13. A curved bamboo serving tray that'll carry all your snacks and drinks from the kitchen to the couch or bed. If you don't have a table to put your stuff on, you can put this right on any soft surface and it'll keep everything standing upright.

    14. Or an openwork metal tray that'd look so chic with a cocktail on it. Pour yourself a martini and snuggle in to watch all 24 James Bond movies — or just the Pierce Brosnan ones, cause he was the best. #ShakenNotStirred

    15. A side table for all your snacks, drinks, and tissues when you're watching a tearjerker. This would look great in your living room or bedroom and it can double as seating in a pinch.

    16. A pear-shaped bean bag chair, if you need a different seating alternative, or just need some personal space (#relatable). The beads take the shape of the person sitting on it, so you'll have personalized comfort every time.

    17. Or a comfy lounge poof that you can drag around your space, so you can get your binge in any room of your apartment. Its beaded interior will also mould to your body and it's made of linen for a warm touch.

    18. Some blackout curtains, if you're serious about your viewing experience. If you try hard enough, you can almost pretend you're in your own personal little movie theatre.

    19. And lastly, a pair of socks with Goku on them for binging all of Dragon Ball Z, because the '90s knew what was up in terms of quality content. Maybe after you can watch all of Yu-Gi-Oh!?

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