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    20 Products Under $30 That’ll Help If You Just Need A Little Pick-Me-Up

    It's the little things, ya know?

    1. A mini wacky, wavy tube guy for your desk, because nothing beats the 3 p.m. slump like this little friend's motorized antics. Watch him fill with air and flop around, and maybe try out some of his moves, because sometimes you gotta make your own fun.

    2. A body scrub with peppermint and coffee that'll invigorate your skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. It also has organic cold-pressed coconut oil and vitamin E to repair and restore skin after dead cells are buffed away.

    3. A glow-in-the-dark ball glob that you can squeeze, knead, pull, throw, and squish when you need something to do with your hands. It's super durable and always springs back to its original form, so it'll last even while you're getting out all your stress and fidgets.

    4. A Gudetama Tamagotchi that'll take you right back to the '90s and hit you straight in the nostalgia. Nurture the little friend and he’ll eat, sleep, and play! (Ignore him, and, well... you remember what happens, right?)

    5. A tea stick that's just so, so pretty to look at. This aesthetically pleasing little wand will brew a perfect cup every time. You’ll always have the most delicious cup of chamomile before bed, and it’ll add a little luxe to your day.

    6. A little disco light that'll make you want to have a dance party all by yourself, in your underwear, alone in your room. It plugs right into your phone’s lightning port and lights up to the rhythm of your music.

    7. A facial toner made with 5% glycolic acid, aloe vera, ginseng, and botanical extracts. It'll get rid of excess oil and impurities that'll leave your skin looking radiant and hydrated.

    8. A friendly panda cream that'll smooth your rough paws. This little guy has bamboo sap, manuka honey, and beeswax, so it’ll absorb quickly into your skin and leave your hands soft and moisturized all day.

    9. Or a bunny gloss bar that'll add a pretty pop of colour to your pout if you want to get extra fancy for your next Google Hangouts sesh. It has a smooth texture and is packed with Vitamin E to soften and moisturize lips, and a juicy cherry scent that'll have you dreaming of summer.

    10. A teeny Lite Brite that'll fit right into the palm of your hand. It has 150 lights and a few designs, so you can create artwork that'll take you back to your childhood.

    11. Or a mini magic 8-ball that'll unlock the secrets to your future. It's just like the original you played with back in the day with the same vague answers to all your burning questions, like 'does my crush like-like me?'

    12. Some butterfly earrings for a pretty touch to your everyday aesthetic. Put these on in the morning even if you're not putting on makeup for a little whimsical boost to your work-from-home ~lewk~.

    13. A little bear tissue box cover that takes his job very seriously. Why have a regular tissue box when you can have this little guy do the work?

    14. A little bonnet for your cat, because a cat in a hat is just all kinds of precious. Put it on your feline friend (if they'll endure such indignity) and quickly snap a few pics for Instagram, because that is social media gold.

    15. A scalp massager that stimulates your scalp, encourages your hair to grow, and feels like a relaxing treat. Lather up your favourite shampoo, conditioner, or serum and gently work the massager in small circles for a little spa-like moment at home.

    16. A fun bath bomb that'll add a touch of whimsy during your ~me~ time. Once it's finished its fizzy magic it'll leave behind a rose quartz crystal for extra calming energy that you can put on your desk or night table.

    17. A little boba tea light that'll add a delicious yellow glow to your space. It fits right into the palm of your hand and adds a cute lil' touch to any space.

    18. A cult favourite mascara that's so good it'll have people wondering if you're wearing falsies, even if it's via Zoom. The wand has a double curve to give your lashes instant height that won't smudge or flake on you throughout the day.

    19. An LED illuminating showerhead that'll turn your daily routine into a fun little party. Get your suds up under the colour-changing lights for a magical cleaning experience.

    20. And lastly, a cheeky silicone wine glass holder that'll help you unwind after a long day. It'll stick to your shower or bath wall and hold your glass steady when you’re done taking a sip. The ultimate little treat!

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