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    26 Things That Made Me Think, “Please Take My Money”

    Why, yes, I do need all of these.

    1. Some powerful duvet magnets that’ll keep your duvet from bunching up inside its cover, which is truly the most annoying thing when you're trying to sleep. Just put a magnet on each corner of your duvet and they’ll keep everything in place, even if you thrash around in your sleep.

    2. A lighted hat with four bright LEDs that'll keep you and your pupper safe while going on your nightly stroll. It’ll provide visibility for up to 13 metres in front of you, its battery will last up to 43 hours, and the hat can be tossed in the wash if it starts to smell a little funky.

    A person walks their dog with a hat that lights their way

    3. A portable bag hook that'll ensure you never put your purse on the ground ever again, because who knows what kind of germs are lurking down there. It can attach to tables, countertops, cubicle walls, restroom doors, stroller handles, and basically anywhere you need to hang a bag.

    A purse hangs by a gadget on a shopping cart

    4. A lotion applicator that’ll help you get to those hard-to-reach places (like that one place on your back!), especially if you have limited mobility. You can also use it for ointments, sunscreen, tanner, and medication for bacne.

    A person uses an applicator to spread a cream on their back

    5. A sliding plastic wrap cutter that’ll stop your cling wrap from turning into a crumpled-up, unusable mess. Is cling wrap great? Yes. Is it an absolute pain in the butt sometimes? Also yes. The refillable box features a slide cutter that is a vast improvement to the serrated edge that comes on most boxes, and it’ll save you a ton of frustration and wasted plastic wrap.

    6. Or some reusable silicone covers that can stretch to fit over different pots, bowls, jars, and half-cut fruit. They’ll help keep your food fresher for longer, and you’ll avoid messing up your Tupperware with leftovers.

    Various containers with stretchy lids over them

    7. A tactical pen that works as a traditional pen for writing notes, but also has a glass-breaking head that can actually shatter car windows in an emergency. It also features a flashlight a multi-tool head that can be used as a bottle opener or a hex key.

    A person uses a pen to break through a car window

    8. A jar and can opener that'll help you open that bottle of marinara sauce that simply refuses to obey your wishes. It can open four different sizes of lids, as well as bottle tops and caps, which is great if you have mobility problems or simply don’t possess the Hulk strength apparently needed to open some of these containers.

    9. A garlic peeler that’ll help get the skins off cloves of garlic, so you won’t have to get your hands all stinky from peeling it off with your fingers. Just pop a couple of cloves into the tube, apply a little pressure with your hand by rolling it back and forth, and voilà! You’ll have peeled yummy goodness ready to add to your soups, stews, and roasts.

    A peeled garlic clove coming out of the tube

    10. A little strainer that you can use to drain liquids from cans, instead of trying to use the metal lid to do it (and inevitably losing some of the contents down the sink in the process). Reviewers say it’s really useful for getting all of the liquid out of tinned tuna.

    11. A little car gadget that’ll charge your phone and simultaneously create a Bluetooth connection for the stereo via an FM transmitter, which is awesome if you have an older car that your phone can’t connect to. It’ll let you use your phone or a micro SD card to stream music to your sound system, and reviewers say it's a breeze get it up and going.

    A gadget plugged into a cigarette lighter with a charger

    12. A USB-rechargeable fan that’ll clip right onto your cell phone. If you’re the kind of person who’s constantly overheating (I certainly am!), this will come in super handy when you’re playing Candy Crush or scrolling through Instagram.

    A fan clamped onto a cellphone

    13. A scarf hanger that'll help declutter your closet and free up some space. Just pass your pashminas, throws, ties, and belts through the loops and you’ll be able to see all of your style options at a glance.

    Scarves hanging through a scarf with multiple holes

    14. A laundry symbol guide, because you truly have no idea what any of them mean and have definitely ruined a few treasured sweaters. Just consult the guide while doing laundry and your clothes will finally be washed the way they were meant to (which will make them last longer!).

    A board with laundry symbols explaining what they mean

    15. And a shirt folder that'll help you get perfectly folded shirts, blouses, pants, and towels every time. Reviewers say it’s super easy to use and makes their drawers look much more organized, since everything is folded into identically-sized squares.

    16. A pill organizer with separate cases for every day of the week, and spots for morning, noon, evening, and bedtime, so you can keep track of the vitamins or medications you have to take at specific times. It also comes with a handy carrying case that'll ensure the containers won't pop open in your bag.

    17. Some mask extenders that'll help relieve the ache of your face mask tugging at your ears all day. It’ll also help hold masks securely to smaller faces, which is a great option for keeping little ones safe.

    18. A vacuum pump sealer that'll keep your bottle of vino fresh for up to 14 days, if you can’t finish a whole bottle at a time and want to save it for another day. It works by sucking all the air out of the bottle, so the wine won't oxidize and become bitter.

    A vacuum pump sealer on a table wine wine and food

    19. Some bra extenders that’ll give your undergarments a little extra give when it’s starting to dig into your back. They fit right into the existing hook and eye of your favourite bras (even sports bras!) and will give you a few extra inches of underband.

    A bra extender hooked into a bra

    20. An odour-eliminating bag that'll get rid of the funkiest shoe smell, the grossest gym bag stench, and the mustiness that lingers in closets. It uses bamboo to naturally absorb scents and moisture, and it purifies the air, so you can take a deep breath without gagging.

    A pair of flats with the bag in them

    21. A Tubshroom that'll prevent your drain from clogging up with hair, because cleaning that up is truly one of the grossest things that can happen in your washroom. Just stick it in your drain like you would a plug and it'll do all the hard work for you.

    A person holding the Tubshroom in its package and a Tubshroom filled with hair

    22. A zipper puller that’ll help you zip your dress up when there’s no one around to help. Just insert the S hook into the hole of the zipper, pull the ribbon up, and bam! You're ready for your meeting.

    23. A drain cover that’ll add a few extra inches of water to your tub for the deepest bath possible. It works by preventing water from going into the overflow outlet, so you can finally submerge your whole body and enjoy a good soak.

    A tub with water several inches below the surface and an after picture with a drain cover and the water closer to the top of the tub

    24. A pair of lacy bandelettes that will prevent that horrible inner-thigh chafing, so you can avoid the awkward “I’m-trying-not-to-let-my-thighs-touch” waddle. If you wear a lot of dresses and skirts, these might save you a lot of pain — plus, they’re very sexy!

    A person wears the bandelettes around their thights

    25. A beverage-warming device that’ll keep your caffeine warm for hours if you’re a slow drinker, or if you constantly get interrupted while trying to enjoy your drink. It has an extra-long cord, and it can also be used to keep cocoa or even soup warm.

    A device keeps a mug of coffee warm on a table

    26. And lastly, a trio of webcam covers that'll cover your phone and laptop camera if you feel a little leery about leaving them exposed. They're easy to apply and remove, and when you want to actually use your camera, all you do is slide the cover open with your finger.

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