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    19 Products Designed For People Who Just Really Love To Snack

    Because snacks make the world a better place.

    1. A genius set of serving bowls that’ll separate your nuts from your shells (perfect for any pistachio lover!). You can also use it for foods with casings or seeds, like edamame and olives.

    A duo of bowls the top one has pistachios

    2. A waffle stick maker that'll make the perfect treat when you need a little sweetness in your life. It makes four sticks at a time which you can dip in syrup, chocolate, sprinkles, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

    A waffle stick maker with waffle sticks on a plate some of which have been dipped in chocolate and have sprinkles

    3. An eco-friendly popcorn bowl that'll save you from buying single-serve bags over and over again. Just put some kernels in it, slide the top closed, pop it in the microwave, and you'll have a mountain of freshly popped popcorn.

    A popcorn container with popcorn in it

    4. A stegosaurus dish set that'll seriously up your snack game. It comes with a divided dish that'll make sure your salsa and guac don't touch.

    A stegosaurus with chips in its back and a divided bowl with salsa and guacamole

    5. Speaking of guac, this 3-in-1 tool will pit, scoop, and slice your avocados up with ease. Say goodbye to fussing about with sharp knives while trying to get the pit out.

    A tool takes a pit out of an avocado

    6. And don't forget to grab a guacamole keeper that'll keep your dip from getting that funky brown skin. The lid is airtight, which will prevent the surface of your dips and spreads from oxidizing, so you'll never have to skim off that top gross layer ever again.

    A container with guacamole

    7. A six-compartment serving dish that has an ice tray to keep your cold snacks chilled. It comes with a lid that'll help seal in freshness when you pop your leftovers in the fridge.

    8. A slate charcuterie board that'll make your next date night look all kinds of fancy. Add your favourite deli meats, cheeses, fruits, veg, and crackers and make sure you take a pic of your aesthetically pleasing board for Instagram.

    A charcuterie board with meat cheese crackers and fruit

    9. A bottle of hot honey that'll add a sweet and spicy kick to pretty much any dish. You can even use it in cocktails, if you fancy yourself a spicy margarita or a hot toddy with some extra heat.

    10. A pair of dip holders that'll that'll keep your ketchup from spilling on you when you're driving down a bumpy road. They'll clip onto your car vents and won't fall off if you make a sharp turn.

    A bottle of dipping sauce attached to a car vent

    11. An eco-friendly ice cream scoop that's made out of recyclable and compostable materials. It'll keep your spoons from getting all bent out of shape when you're craving some Rocky Road and it has an ergonomic handle that'll help you get the perfect scoop every time.

    An ice creams scoop beside glass cups filled with ice cream

    12. A trio of dough presses that'll help you create sealed treats that won't spill your filling all over the place. They'll cut your pastries into perfect circles and crimp them closed after you've filled them.

    13. A reusable snack bag, so you can always take your precious goods with you on the go. It's waterproof and a lot less bulky than a plastic container.

    Almonds in a snack bag

    14. An air fryer that'll help you fry up your favourite foods, like chicken wings and fries, but with a lot less oil. It uses a convection fan system that'll give your food a crispy texture without actually deep frying it.

    An air fryer cooking chicken wings

    15. A spicy habanero hot sauce that'll add a yummy kick to everything from popcorn to Caesars. It's made right here in Canada, and it was featured on Hot Ones, so you know it's legit!

    Avocado toast with hot sauce drizzled on it beside a bottle of hot sauce

    16. An assortment of treats from South Korea, Japan, and China. If you love Pocky and have always wanted to try more yummy treats from across the globe, this box is a great way to experiment.

    A box of candies and snacks

    17. Or a vegan snack box, if that's more your jam! It comes with 12 plant-based snacks that even non-vegan folks will probably love.

    A box filled with vegan treats

    18. A cute lil' sticker for anyone who loves noods more than life itself. Stick it on your laptop, in your notebook, or on your water bottle to proudly proclaim your love of the salty treat.

    A person holding a sticker of ramen

    19. And lastly, a bag of assorted Lindt Lindor chocolates, because a little melty chocolate goodness is always a good idea! It comes with a mix of milk, dark, white, and hazelnut truffles, so there's something for everyone.

    Assorted chocolates on a table with fall leaves

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