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    17 Products That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

    Turn that 🙁 upside down 😊.

    1. A banana-shaped bed for your furry friends. This super-soft little hiding spot will give your pet a place to hang out and look seriously cute while doing so. This works best for animals that are around 10 pounds.

    2. A cute lil' narwhal tea infuser who's super excited to brew your next cup of tea. It’s a big help if you’re trying to reduce waste, because it’ll last for years, plus it’ll eliminate the need for single-use tea bags that get tossed in the garbage.

    3. A tortilla blanket that’ll turn you into a human burrito, because if you can’t get your favourite food, you might as well become it! Now you can get your snuggle on in this silly blankie while you binge-watch an entire season of You on Netflix.

    4. A screaming goat that's a whole damn mood. Just press the tree stump the next time you’re feeling down, and you’ll treat your ears to the ridiculous high-pitched screams the goat produces. It's perfect for your desk when you have the 3 p.m. blues.

    5. A set of Disney villain sheet masks to channel your inner evil queen. You'll totally get the giggles when you look in the mirror and see Ursula staring back at you.

    6. A pair of goldfish earrings that are the unexpected accessory you never knew you needed. You can pair it with a boxy sweater for a relaxed vibe, or go full-on glam in a fancy dress and heels. Get ready for compliments on your new fishy friends!

    7. A very silly colouring book that'll give you all the calm of doing something artsy, but with the added benefit of animals dealing with some serious flatulence. What's not to love? There are 43 pages in this book, so the fartsy fun will live on for a good long while.

    8. An 18-inch inflatable tube man whose flailing antics are sure to make you crack a smile, even if you’re having a crappy day. It's perfect for your desk, office, or anywhere that can benefit from this little guy's wacky dancing. It also comes with a book of facts about tube man's origins!

    9. A New York Times bestseller that offers helpful advice on the inner thoughts of your feline friend. Reviewers say this book legit made them laugh out loud... and made them a little nervous about their pet's intentions. 😾

    10. A Bob Ross bobblehead that can speak ten of the beloved artist’s wisest and wittiest sayings. It also comes with a mini easel of 30 of his famous landscapes that you can look through while Bob's head bobbles around.

    11. A pair of adorable puppy socks that would look totally precious peeking out the back of tennis shoes. They're made of 100% cotton, so they're comfortable, breathable, sweat-wicking, and safe for the washer and dryer.

    12. A mug that smiles as it warms up, because the best kind of caffeine is the kind that smiles back at you. It uses heat activation to transform from a sad face into the most excited mug ever, which is kinda what you look like before and after your morning coffee or tea.

    13. A phone and tablet stand that gives you a double thumbs-up while holding your electronics for an extra little dose of positivity in your day. It’s adjustable and flexible, and basically perfect for holding your phone when you’re trying to follow a recipe video or catch up on your fave show while doing chores.

    14. A friendly animal cable saver that'll extend the life of your chargers by protecting them from wear and tear as well as fraying. There are six in a pack, so you can decorate your cord with more than one!

    15. A penguin corkscrew, because why use a plain wine opener when a penguin can do it for you? Its "wings" are nonslip, so you don't have to worry about losing your grip when popping a bottle of your favourite vino. 🐧🍷

    16. And a set of toadstool bottle stoppers that'll add a silly touch to even your fanciest bottle of wine. These lil' silicone shrooms will keep your opened bottle from going off, so your next glass will taste just as fresh the day after!

    17. And lastly, an apron featuring a couple of cute alpacas that'll protect your clothes and keep you looking ~stylish~ in the kitchen. It has an adjustable strap and two roomy pockets, so you can keep your cell phone safe when you're not looking at your recipe.

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