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    28 Products That’ll Help Put An End To Your Weirdly Specific Problems

    Making life easier, one product at a time.

    1. An odour-eliminating bag that'll get rid of the funkiest shoe smell, the grossest gym bag stench, and the mustiness that lingers in closets. It uses bamboo to naturally absorb scents and moisture, and it purifies the air, so you can take a deep breath without gagging.

    2. Some extenders that'll help relieve the ache of your mask tugging at your ears all day. It also works to securely hold a mask close to your face if you have a smaller face, which is a great option for keeping little ones safe.

    3. A hair stick that'll smooth out all your wispies, flyaways, and baby hairs. It uses a mascara-like comb and a transparent gel to coat the tiny hairs, so that they blend into the rest of your hairdo.

    A mascara like wand and a before and after pictures of hair with baby hairs and then hair smoothed

    4. A flexible bottle cleaning brush that'll clean out every part of your water bottle, wine carafe, decanter, and thermos. It's extra long and easily fits into even the narrowest water bottles, like S'well tumblers.

    5. Some bra extenders that'll give your undergarment a little extra reach when your bra is starting to dig into your back. They fit right into the existing hook and eye of your favourite bras (even sports bras!) and give you up to three inches of extra under band.

    Three bra extenders in beige white and black

    6. A waxing kit that'll clear up your nose hairs, if they're starting to get a little unruly. Just heat up the wax, use one of the spatulas to coat the hairs, wait 90 seconds, pull it out, and be amazed at all of the hair that came out.

    7. A jewelry cleaner that'll have all your gems and precious metals looking fresh and sparkly again. It uses ultrasonic energy waves to attack and remove stubborn blemishes that'll make your rings, necklaces, bracelets and even glasses look like they've just been professionally cleaned.

    8. A foot rest that'll help ease the tension in your back and knees if you're stuck at a desk all day or on a long-distance car ride. Just hook the adjustable straps of the sling onto the sides of your desk and kick your feet up for some instant comfort.

    Two feet rest in a sling

    9. A zipper puller that'll help you get dressed when there's no one around to zip your dress up. Just insert the S hook into the hole of the zipper, pull the ribbon up, and bam! You're ready for your meeting.

    A person uses the tool to zip up the back of their dress

    10. A three-foot-long grabbing tool that'll help you get those hard-to-reach items and securely bring them down to your level. It can hold up to eight pounds and has rubber covered steel fingers that won't damage whatever you're reaching for. You could also use it to pick up litter in the park!

    11. A French fry holder that'll keep your snack securely in place, so you can munch away as you drive. It has a circular bottom that fits snugly into your cup holder, which means you don't have to worry about your fries tragically falling to the floor.

    French fries stand upright in a holder fitted into a car's drink holder

    12. A drain cover that'll let you add a few extra inches of water to your tub for the deepest bath possible. It works by preventing water from going into the overflow outlet, so your whole body is submerged.

    A tub with water several inches below the surface and an after picture with a drain cover and the water closer to the top of the tub

    13. A bracelet with a deep groove that serves as a pretty piece of jewelry with a mindful message and as a way to prevent your hair tie from digging into your wrist. Just slip a hair elastic into the groove, so you'll always have one on hand.

    14. A pair of lacy bandelettes that will prevent that horrible inner-thigh chafing, so you can avoid the awkward “I’m-trying-not-to-let-my-thighs-touch” waddle. If you wear a lot of dresses and skirts, these might save you a lot of pain — plus, they’re actually very sexy!

    Two people wear the bandelettes around their thighs

    15. A soothing clay foot powder that will keep your feet dry and actually prevent excess sweating — even in flats and sneakers. It uses all-natural ingredients like tea tree oil, white clay and arrowroot powder, so you can feel good about what you're sprinkling on your tootsies.

    A bottle of foot powder with powder stylized in the background and a sprig of leafs

    16. A cuticle oil with retinol that'll prevent those dreaded hangnails, or just help if you've been picking at the skin around your nails. It'll leave your cuticles feeling super soft and smelling faintly of apricots, which is a bonus.

    A bottle of the product lying on a towel

    17. Some beauty spatulas that'll make sure you get every last drop of makeup or lotion from the bottle before you toss it. You spent your hard-earned money on that nice foundation, so don't let the last bits in the container go to waste!

    18. Some under-eye masks that'll help to improve the appearance of dehydrated skin and alleviate puffiness. They're made with collagen and hyaluronic acid for an antioxidant boost that'll also help protect against environmental pollution.

    A package of the product with packets of the masks

    19. A cleaning gel that'll resorb all the dust, crumbs, and overall gunk out from between your laptop keys or AC vents. It works on any surface that has hard-to-reach gaps, and all you have to do is slowly press it down onto the space you want to be cleaned, pull it back up, and be amazed at what was lurking beneath the surface.

    20. A microfibre hand duster with a slim profile that'll slip into nooks and crannies your ordinary duster's just too bulky for. It'll get the dust off the floor under your furniture or the area behind your bookshelves. The reusable head snaps off, so you can toss it in the washing machine when it gets dusty.

    A duster slides under a tight space

    21. Some washing machine cleaning tablets that'll get rid of the funky odour and grime that gets left behind in your machine. Just pop a tablet in once a month and your washer will smell cleaner and fresher.

    A person puts a tablet in the washer

    22. Some drain snakes that'll clean up the most horrifying parts of your house. If one of your drains is backing up, just slip this device into it, give it a wiggle, pull it out, and prepare to be horrified (and nauseated) at the buildup of hair and debris that's been hanging out in your pipes.

    23. A cutting and resealing tool that'll help you keep your food as fresh as possible. It uses micro heating technology to instantly reach the sealing temperature, so all you have to do slowly run the device over an open bag.

    A person uses a sealing device on a bag of nuts

    24. A beverage warming device that’ll keep your caffeine warm for hours if you’re a slow drinker, or if you constantly get interrupted while trying to enjoy your drink. It has an extra-long cord that plugs into the wall and can also be used to keep cocoa or even soup warm.

    25. Some camera covers that'll cover your phone and laptop camera if you feel a little leery about leaving them exposed. It’s easy to apply and remove, and when you want to actually use your camera, all you do is slide the cover open with your finger.

    26. Some reusable grilled cheese toaster bags that'll let you make your favourite sandwich, without creating a huge mess. Hot, gooey, melty cheese and bread is truly one of life's greatest joys, and these little bags make it so much more convenient. These also work for pitas and reheating pizza!

    A toaster oven with a grilled cheese in a bag in it

    27. An odour- and rash-preventing cream for testicles that'll keep things feeling fresh down there if it tends to get a little swampy. It's made with peppermint and menthol that'll keep you dry and comfy all day.

    A person is standing outside holding the product

    28. And lastly, toilet stamps that'll help you deal with that gross chore that no one really wants to do. Just stick the stamp onto your toilet bowl, and every time you flush, it'll prevent stains from building up and make your bathroom smell amazing, too.

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