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    27 Products That Might Help If You’re Lazy As Heck (And You Know It)

    Putting effort into things is overrated.

    1. A pair of slippers with chenille soles that’ll clean the floor as you walk around. Why bother sweeping when you can get it done by just going about your daily life?

    A person wears a pair of slipper that dust the floor

    2. A pasta cooker that'll cook you up some delicious noodles in the microwave, so you don’t have to wait forever for your stove to boil water. Just add water to the container, add your pasta, microwave for about ten minutes, and you’ll have perfect pasta every time.

    3. An automatic toothpaste dispenser, so you’ll never again have to waste energy squeezing it out of the tube yourself. It has slots for five toothbrushes and two slots for toothpaste, which is perfect if different people in your house use different brands.

    A toothbrush has toothpaste automatically dispensed onto it with three toothbrushes hanging from the caddy

    4. A cozy hoodie that you can throw on over your stained T-shirt. It'll make you look a little more put together during video calls, without actually having to put in the effort of getting properly dressed.

    A person wears an unzipped hoodie and is putting up the hood

    5. A hairdryer and volumizer that'll give you a salon-worthy blowout from the comfort of your own bathroom. It’ll dry and straighten your hair in one go, so you’ll save both time and effort.

    A hairdryer and volumizer on a desk

    6. A dry shampoo that’ll keep your hair looking fresh when you can’t be bothered to wash it. It’ll absorb oil, grease, and impurities to keep your mane smelling fabulous, even if it’s been a little (or a long) while since your last shampoo.

    A bottle of dry shampoo on a background of ice

    7. A pigmented hair mascara that’ll help you blend your roots in with the rest of your hair. It’ll help extend the time between salon visits!

    8. A set of reusable beaded sponges that'll clean out the nooks and crannies of your water bottle, so you don't have to get a special brush and scrub it yourself. Just put them in your water bottle, add some water and soap, give it a shake, and your bottle will be squeaky clean in no time.

    9. A pack of reusable grilled cheese toaster bags that'll let you make your favourite sandwich without creating a huge mess or having to use a skillet. Hot, gooey, melty cheese and bread are truly one of life's greatest joys, and these little bags make it so much more convenient.

    Toast in a bag in a toaster oven

    10. A clothes-folding board that’ll help you perfectly fold your laundry every single time. Reviewers say it’s super easy to use and makes their drawers look much more organized.

    11. A pair of wool loungers that you just slip your feet into, because doing up laces is far too much work. They're made of Merino wool that'll keep your tootsies nice and warm, so you can also ditch having to put on socks.

    A person wears a pair of wool loungers

    12. An eyeliner stamp that’ll give you the perfect cat-eye in seconds, because who has the time to draw it yourself? One end has black liner for your lid, while the other has a stamp that you literally just press onto the outer corner of your eye.

    13. A vegetable chopper that'll help you dice peppers, zucchinis, cucumbers, and onions — and it'll save you from the dreaded onion-induced tears. It’ll save you precious time when you’re cooking up something that requires lots of chopped veggies.

    An onion on a vegetable shopper about to be diced

    14. A pair of kitchen shears that'll cut up your herbs and softer food items in no time. It has five stainless steel blades that'll evenly chop everything, so you don't have to spend time fussing with a knife to get everything minced.

    A pair of shears with multiple blades cuts green onion and dried nori

    15. A salad bowl and chopper that’ll help you whip up a gourmet salad in no time, particularly if your knife skills aren’t the ~sharpest~. It has a non-slip handle, and the blade will cut through lettuce, veggies, and cheese with minimal effort.

    16. A terracotta kitten that'll keep your brown sugar from hardening and clumping, so you won't have to dig at it with a spoon. Just soak it in warm water for 20 minutes, pat it dry, stick it in your sugar container, and you'll have fluffy brown sugar in no time.

    A terracotta kitty in a jar of brown sugar

    17. A rice cooker that'll give you perfectly cooked and fluffy rice, since standing over the stove to stir it is boring and can sometimes lead to soggy results. It'll also keep your rice warm after it's done cooking and can double as a steamer for veggies.

    A plugged in rice cooker beside a cup of rice

    18. An egg cooker that'll make you eggs almost any way you want them: poached, hardboiled, softboiled, scrambled, or as individual omelettes. It has almost 12,000 five-star reviews and people love that you just set it, walk away, and come back to a perfectly-cooked breakfast.

    An egg cooking machine with six eggs in it and deviled eggs in the foreground

    19. An ergonomic marinade syringe that you can use to inject your meat with seasoning when you don’t have the time (or the will) to let it soak up all the juices. It’ll leave your meat tender, juicy, and packed with flavour.

    A syringe by a plate of dinner

    20. A meal kit from Hello Fresh that’ll be delivered right to your door, so you won’t have to meal plan or worry about leaving the house. It includes everything you need to make a delicious dinner, which will also save you a trip to the grocery store.

    21. A three-foot-long grabbing tool that'll help you reach things when you're comfy on the couch and don't want to get up. It can hold up to eight pounds and has rubber-covered steel fingers that won't damage whatever you're reaching for.

    A person uses a reaching tool to grab something from a high shelf

    22. A pack of drain cleaning and deodorizing sticks that'll help get rid of debris buildup, so you don't have to do a deep clean later. Just pop one of the sticks into your kitchen or bathroom drain once a month and it'll get rid of organic matter that clings to the inside of your pipes.

    23. A pair of stretchy pants that are technically meant for yoga, but we both know you're not going to be doing that. They're super comfy for lounging around and watching Netflix, and are far superior to pants that have an actual button or zipper waistband.

    24. A pack of reusable makeup-erasing cloths that'll get even the most stubborn mascara off with minimal effort. You don't need makeup remover for these to work — just run them under warm water and start cleansing your face. They also help get rid of dirt and oil that’s snuck its way into your pores.

    A person holds a makeup erasing cloth

    25. A meal subscription service for your dog that'll be delivered right to your door, because your fluffy friend deserves the best, even if you're a lazy butt. The food is formulated by nutritionists to give your pup exactly what they need based on their specific characteristics.

    A cute dog sits on a box that says Kabo with a red maple leaf

    26. A robot vacuum that'll clean your carpet and floors while you take a much-needed break. It's whisper-quiet, so it won’t disturb you during nap time, and it has smart sensors that'll prevent it from bumping into things or falling down stairs.

    27. And lastly, some toilet stamps that’ll help clean the toilet, aka the gross chore no one really wants to do. Just stick the stamp onto your toilet bowl, and every time you flush, it’ll prevent stains from building up — and it’ll make your bathroom smell all citrus-y, too.

    I feel you, sir.

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