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    22 Last-Minute School Supplies You Probably Forgot To Pick Up

    You'll definitely want to grab these!

    1. Some erasers that'll rub away at any mistakes you made on your homework, or to clean up the doodles that you made on the side of your page. They remove pencil with very little pressure, so it doesn't ruin your page, and because they're black instead of white they'll never look scuffed up.

    A hand holds an eraser beside a drawing

    2. A pack of reinforcements that'l cover up those tears that always seem to happen before you can transfer your three-hole-punched sheet into your binder. Just put one of the stickers around the mangled page hole and bam! All fixed.

    A reinforcement around a hole in a binder

    3. Some Sharpies to make your poster boards stand out, or to colour code your notes. Since they’ve got a fine tip, you could also use them to underline in your textbook. Plus, they won’t smudge, fade, or smear, even if you spill some water (or tears) on the ink.

    4. Some scissors that are strong enough to cut through cardboard as well as the usual stuff like paper, photos, and fabric. Keep these on hand for when you're feeling crafty, or for when you need to cut out a diagram to paste into your notes for a study session.

    A hand holds a pair of scissors

    5. A compass for all of the math and art majors out there. It'll draw you perfect circles for either your next art piece or to do some fancy geometry calculations.

    A compass on a page with math formulas

    6. A ruled notebook to take notes in, if you're the type of person who prefers to write rather than type. Each book has 200 pages of ruled and three-hole-punched paper, so you can rip it out later and transfer it to a binder if you want.

    Notebooks stacked on top of each other with a wire binding

    7. Or some small memo pads, if you prefer taking shorthand notes, or just like having something you can throw in your bag to jot things down as you need to. Reviewers say they're super handy to have on hand, like in your car, in your desk, in your coat, or by your bed to record your late-night thoughts.

    Five notebooks with wire bindings lying on each other

    8. A stapler that'll staple through up to 20 pieces of paper without you having to struggle and push down super hard on it. It's always handy to have one of these around in case you actually need to submit a hardcopy of an essay or some forms, and it comes with a staple remover.

    A hand pushes a stapler over a paper

    9. Some sticky note dividers that'll help you organize your notes, so studying for your midterms and exams will be a little less painful. Just stick a divider in your notes when a new idea or an important theme is being explained and write what it is on the tab — it'll make finding what you actually need so much easier when you just need a quick reference.

    10. A ventilated laptop stand that'll keep your device from overheating and making that sound like it's about to blast off to the moon. It can be adjusted to the perfect angle for your height (so you won’t get a crick in your neck) and it has six slots for cords that’ll prevent them from getting all jumbled up.

    11. A power bar with three USB ports and three AC ports that'll charge your laptop and phone while also powering your lamp and fan. It also has a little groove that you can prop your smartphone up in!

    12. A keyboard cover for your Mac, if you're a clumsy Apple user. It'll also protect your device from spills as well as dust and scratches to the keys that happen over time. It's also super thin, so it won't interfere when you need to close your laptop.

    A keyboard cover over a Mac keyboard

    13. An all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier, because you might not think you'll need one, but there's always a handful of times you desperately need one during the school year. Whether it's printing and signing some forms that need to be scanned back ASAP, or making hard copies of your notes, you'll be grateful you have this.

    A printer on a desk printing a document

    14. Some 4x6 colourful index cards that you can either take notes on, use for illustrations, or use as flashcards to study for tests. Reviewers say that they're great quality and fantastic for categorizing studies.

    15. A pack of fluorescent highlighters that’ll make the important sections of your textbooks stand out. They have a chiselled point that you can use to make thin lines, as well as a thick base for highlighting larger passages.

    16. Some little flag stickies to mark equations or passages in your textbook, so you can come back to them later to either copy down or puzzle out. And since they don’t leave any residue on paper, you can put in as many as you need and remove them when you’re done.

    17. A double-sided whiteboard, if you like to make temporary notes that you can wipe away later. You can use it flat, like a piece of paper, or stand it upright in its stand and flip it around when you need more space.

    18. Some pre-sharpened No. 2 pencils that'll work on Scantron tests for the dreaded multiple-choice quizzes. Remember — when in doubt, go with your initial gut instinct!

    19. Or some mechanical pencils, if you prefer a thinner, retractable way of writing. It's 2mm in thickness, so it's perfect for drawing, taking notes, writing equations, or just doodling in your paper margins when you're feeling a little bored

    A hand writes while using the mechanical pencil

    20. Some pens, because they're arguably the most important stationery item you need for school. They're long-lasting, glide smoothly onto paper, and they're see-through, so you'll know how much ink is left in it before heading into an exam.

    21. And some corrective tape to blot out the mistakes you will inevitably make. Since it dries immediately, you can start writing over it right away.

    A hand uses corrective tape on a document

    22. A calculator that’ll help you solve tricky equations, or just do basic addition if you're incapable of doing it in your head (I certainly can't do it). It uses either solar power or one AA battery and has an on and off button that'll preserve either power source.

    A calculation shoes an equation beside a laptop that has graphs on it

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