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    31 Kitchen Items Under $30 That'll Bring Out Your Inner Chef

    Fancy AND affordable.

    1. A grilled cheese toaster bag that lets you make your favourite sandwich without creating a huge mess. Hot, gooey, melty cheese and bread is truly one of life's greatest joys, and these little bags make it so much more convenient. These also work for pitas and reheating pizza!

    2. A dough whisk that'll make whipping up cookies, pizzas, breads, and cakes a total breeze. The funky shape combined with the stainless steel material makes it easy to mix together dry and wet ingredients, because a spoon is not gonna cut it when it comes to heavy doughs.

    3. Some feline cookie cutters that'll make the purrfect companion for tea time, or for late-night snacking, because what even is the concept of time anymore? These furry friends come in a variety of poses that reflect the spectrum of kitty moods.

    4. A baker's dusting wand to to add that *chef's kiss* moment to your pastries. Sprinkle cocoa, powdered sugar, and spices on top of your treats so that they're ready for the 'gram.

    5. And a spatula that'll make sure you get every bit of batter out of your mixing bowl and onto your baking tray. The pineapple print is super cute and the wooden handle keeps the spatula sturdy.

    6. A salt and pepper shaker, because every self-respecting chef needs these two seasonings in their arsenal. Plus, these chic little shakers will add a bistro-esque flair.

    7. A silicone egg poacher that'll give you restaurant-quality eggs bennie every time. Poached eggs can be intimidating, but this little tool cradles the eggs while the funnel shape prevents the yolk from breaking and the open bottom ensures a perfect poach.

    8. A tiger egg cup holder, if you prefer a soft boiled egg to dip your toast into. It's perfect for a fancy little at-home brunch 🥂.

    9. An egg peeler that does all the hard work for you. Just put some cold water in the container, add your hard-boiled egg, and shake away until you see the whites. This would be an egg-shellent companion if you're making deviled eggs or egg salad.

    10. A chef's bottle that'll help you replicate that beautifully plated meal you saw on Bon Appetit's YouTube channel. You can use it to drizzle olive oil into a pan, dressing onto salads, sauce into your meals, or chocolate syrup into your desserts (or directly into your mouth — I'm not judging).

    11. A flavour injector that'll add a serious kick to your next Sunday dinner. If you don't have time to marinate meat, just inject your marinade right into it. Once it's cooked, it'll be all tender and juicy.

    12. A turkey and roast lifter that'll safely lift your hot food onto a serving tray. It's dishwasher safe and comes with little caps to cover the tines, so you don't accidentally stab yourself while rooting around in your drawer.

    13. A pair of meat shredding claws that'll help you channel your inner Wolverine. These claws will easily pull apart pork, chicken, beef, brisket, turkey, and roasts, so you can eat ALL the sandwiches.

    14. A fat separator that keeps the flavour in and the fat out. Just put the stopper in the spout, add your pan drippings into the cup and watch as all the fat floats right to the top. When you remove the stopper, all of the cooking or pouring liquid comes out first so you can leave the fat behind.

    15. A herb and kale stripping comb that'll strip leaves from their stems in one easy pull. The comb side will help you get parsley, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and tarragon leaves off easily, and the part with four holes will help you strip kale, chard, collards, or other leafy greens with minimal fuss.

    16. A pineapple slicer that'll core an entire pineapple with zero struggles. Just slice off the top of the fruit and then twist the slicer into it to create perfect pineapple rings. 🍍

    17. A veggie ricer that'll help you make the perfect cauliflower rice all by yourself. Pair it with a vegetable curry and a glass of vino for a yummy night in.

    18. A vegetable chopper that'll save your fingers if you've got terrible knife skills. It'll help you to quickly dice peppers, zucchinis, cucumbers, and onions — and it'll save you from the dreaded onion induced tears.

    19. A multi-purpose avocado tool that just looks so pleased to be of service to you. This little friend will cut, pit, and scoop avocados easily, so your toast and salads will never feel lonely again.

    20. And an avocado hugger that'll cozy up to the unused half of the fruit to keep it fresh after you cut it. The little pit pocket can be pushed in or out depending on your needs, so it'll always have a tight, secure fit, because avocados are precious, ya know?

    21. A ceramic juicer with a pretty colour block glaze and a notched spout, so you can easily pour the juice out. Add some fresh citrus juice to your next adult beverage for an interesting kick.

    22. A salad dressing shaker that'll make you feel like a real grown-up, because you don't need to use the pre-made stuff, right? It's water-tight and break-resistant, so you don't have to worry about making a mess. Quick dressings and sauces, here we come!

    23. An olive oil infuser that'll help you add an extra kick to all of your dishes. Toss in some basil, gochujang, star anise, garlic, or pretty much anything you think your EVOO would benefit from.

    24. A batter dispenser that'll help you make even, mess-free pancakes or muffins. Just squeeze the handle to pour the batter straight on to your griddle — no ladles involved!

    25. A pour-over dripper that'll give you cafe-quality coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen. It makes a single serving, meaning you won't have to make a whole pot of Joe and drink stale coffee all day. Just brew as you go.

    26. A large ice cube tray that's perfect for fancy cocktails at home, because it's always 5 o'clock somewhere. The bigger cubes don't melt as quickly as the smaller ones, so it'll keep your drink cold, without making it too watery. Cheers!

    27. An infusing ice ball set that'll help add flavour to your beverages in style. Freeze in blueberries, mint leaves, fresh herbs, cucumber slices, or a wedge of lime to jazz up your next gin and tonic.

    28. A mini heart-shaped waffle maker that's super compact, so it won't take up space in your kitchen. Pop it out for a special breakfast for yourself, or make your significant other a romantic sweet treat. 💕

    29. And a honey pot to drizzle your delicious waffles with. This little guy looks too precious for words, and would definitely look sweet on your counter.

    30. A bacon bowl maker that'll seriously level-up your brunch. The surface is nonstick and will give you two perfectly crispy bowls that'd go great with eggs, salad, pasta, and basically everything else, because bacon makes everything better.

    31. And lastly, a floral apron to protect your clothes while you try out all your new gadgets. Happy cooking!

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