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    20 Products From Amazon Canada That Will Make Even The Most Judgmental Auntie Proud Of You

    Everyone has one in their family.

    1. Some touch-up razors, because no one stares down your eyebrows quite like your auntie does. This versatile little tool also removes fine hairs from anywhere on your face, like your upper lip or chin, and smoothes your skin by gently exfoliating it.

    Two touch up razors on a counter

    2. A pair of tweezers that'll help if you've got some serious plucking to do, since getting hairs at their root is the most effective. They have a slanted tip that'll easily grab those hard-to-get hairs, so you'll spend less time fruitlessly plucking and irritating your skin.

    A pair of tweezers on a bathroom sink

    3. A fabric defuzzer that'll make your clothes look as good as new. Just plug it into a USB charger and it'll get rid of pills, lint, fluffs, and fuzzies from your sweaters, jackets, sheets, cushions, and more!

    4. And a clothing steamer that'll get the wrinkles out of your clothes in minutes, because showing up with a crinkled-up shalwar is surely going to get some disapproving murmurs from auntie. It also works on suits, curtains, carpets, and other materials, so it'll be useful all around the house.

    A steamer emits steam with clothes hanging in the background

    5. Some pimple patches that’ll soothe your angry spots and draw all of the gunk out of them, so they dry and heal faster — which is helpful if you haven’t been treating your face as kindly as it deserves. Reviewers say these bad boys help with regular pimples as well as hormonal acne!

    A hand holds the product against a wall

    6. Some total coverage foundation that'll cover up anything that's happening on your face. Spots are a part of life and while most of us are cool with their existence, you just know auntie has a snarky comment about the state of your skin.

    7. Or some concealer to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. We know you’ve been staying up ’til 3 a.m. watching trashy YouTube, but your auntie doesn’t need to!

    8. A makeup setting spray that'll keep your face matte and shine free on even the hottest of days, because you worked hard on your look and it deserves to stay in place all day. No more looking at the mirror after a family event and realizing your eyeliner is halfway across your face.

    A person sprays setting spray onto their face.

    9. A face vacuuming tool that'll help you remove gunk from your pores. It has four probes and three modes that'll suck up blackheads, whiteheads, excess oil, and help to erase fine lines and exfoliate dead skin cells.

    10. A whitening toothpaste that'll make your mouth stones truly sparkle, even if you've been downing cups of chai (or red wine). It also strengthens weakened enamel, has fluoride to fight cavities, and will leave your mouth feeling minty fresh.

    11. An anti-frizz serum that'll help tame your mane, even in the summer heat. It protects dehydrated hair from starting to frizz, repels humidity, improves shine, and works on even the thickest and coarsest hair.

    A bottle of product on glittery background

    12. Some stencils that'll help you nail that perfect mandala flower, because getting precise mehndi can be a nightmare. Just paste the stencil onto your hand and fill in with your favourite henna!

    Three stencils for henna and three hands with corresponding henna designs

    13. Or some temporary tattoo pens if you want something immediate instead of waiting for henna to dry and flake. You can use stencils or go freehand with any design you please. It'll last for about a week, so not as long as henna, but still a fun way to play with designs!

    A package with three markers with a person in it that has henna designs

    14. A pretty nude nail polish, because you just know the look you'll get if you show up to the family barbecue with a sparkly purple mani. This colour will match any outfit and looks gorgeous on all skin colours.

    15. Some satin pillowcases, because they help protect your hair from breakage, so you'll have less wispy flyaways. Plus, they feel like a little treat, since it totally seems like something a Disney princess would sleep on.

    Two satin pillowcases on a bed

    16. A scalp massager that'll stimulate the roots of your hair and help you say goodbye to dandruff. This little tool also helps you get through the tough knots that you've been neglecting, so you'll finally be able to run a brush through your mane with no problem.

    A scalp massager on a plain background

    17. A two-sided eyeliner stamp that'll give you the perfect cat-eye, because fussing with eyeliner only to get uneven results is truly the worst. One side of the pen has black liner for your lid while the other has a stamp that you literally just press on for cat-eye that'll only take seconds.

    18. A posture corrector, so no one will hiss "Stand up straight!" at you while taking family photos. Just slip it on under your clothes and you'll find yourself standing taller immediately.

    A person is wearing a posture corrector pictured from the back

    19. A foot peeling mask that'll help you get baby soft skin, if your heels are starting to feel a little (or a lot) rough. It has lavender and natural extracts that'll get rid of coarse, dull, or dead skin that'll truly give you some grossly satisfying before and after photos.

    20. And lastly, some razors, because we all know body hair is beautiful, but you know auntie will be giving you some pointed looks if you show up to the family pooja with armpit and leg stubble.

    When your auntie tells you that you look good:

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