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    21 Products You Should Check Out If You Identify As An Introvert

    I've been social distancing for years.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of socks that'll keep your tootises warm while also telling people to give you some space.

    Socks that say if you can read this you are too close
    Etsy Canada / Via

    They're made of a comfy blend of wool and polyester with a little bit of elastic at the top that'll prevent them from slouching to your ankles.

    Get them from FabricatedKeepsakes on Etsy Canada for $19.50 (available in 12 colours).

    2. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones that'll block out any unwanted distractions, like when your roommates are getting a little too rowdy. It has over 4,000 five-star reviews and people love that it stays charged for about 30 hours and comes with a sturdy, protective case.

    A pair of headphones on a desk
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $89.99.

    3. A colouring book that'll help soothe your soul when people are being too, you know, people-y.

    Amazon Canada / Via

    It has 25 pages filled with phrases that every introvert can relate to, like, "Cancelled plans are my favourite plans."

    Pick up some pencil crayons here!

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $9.95.

    4. A candle that'll give your room a little ambience for the evenings you choose to stay at home and cuddle up with your book.

    A candle that says social distancing professional
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Once the candle is finished burning you can easily dig out the remaining wax and remove the label to store your pencils or trinkets.

    Get it from CalicoCandlesCo on Etsy Canada for $34.99 (available in nine scents and in two lid options).

    5. A door mat that'll hopefully encourage your unwanted visitors to rethink knocking on your door. The bristles are made from natural coconut fibre that'll help get rid of mud, snow, and any other unwanted outdoor bits from coming indoors.

    A door mat that says go away
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $28.88.

    6. An art print that depicts your version of a perfect night in: surrounded by books and plants while reading the latest hot romance novel with a cup of tea.

    An art print of a person sitting on a couch in their library reading a book
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from Helmium on Etsy Canada for $20.31.

    7. A planner for your scribbles and thoughts on taking over the world for when (okay, fine, “if”) you get so fed up with the state of things you decide to actually take matters into your own hands.

    A journal that says my secret plans for world domination
    Etsy Canada / Via

    It has monthly and weekly calendars as well as a spot for records.

    Get it from PaperlandOnlineStore on Etsy Canada for $28.67.

    8. A portable essential oil diffuser for when you need help winding down after a long day of video meetings. It's smaller than a smartphone, has two light modes, two mist modes, and will automatically shut off when the tank is empty, so you don't have to worry about it overheating.

    An essential oil diffuser with a blue light giving off mist
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $37.99+ (available in two colours).

    9. And a set of essential oils that you can use to create your own bespoke mixtures. It comes with the soothing scents of eucalyptus, lavender, lemon grass, orange, peppermint, and tea tree that you can mix and match until you find the perfect blend.

    An open pack of essential oil bottles
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get a pack of six from Amazon Canada for $19.99.

    10. A cotton T-shirt that says what you're too afraid to actually say out loud to that person trying to chat you up.

    A shirt that says leave me alone
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Beware, though — one reviewer says that people approach them on a regular basis asking where they got the shirt from!

    Get it from QuriousShop on Etsy Canada for $27.54 (available in three colours and sizes XS-3XL).

    11. Or a sweater that's a little more blunt. It's made with a super-soft blend of cotton and polyester that'll keep you warm (and hopefully help you avoid human interaction) as the weather starts to dip.

    A sweater that says ew people
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from GeekDownApparel on Etsy Canada for $48.02+ (available in five colours and in sizes XS-XXL).

    12. A drain cover that’ll add a few extra inches of water to your tub for the deepest bath possible when you need some quiet alone time. It works by preventing water from going into the overflow outlet, so you can finally submerge your whole body and enjoy a good soak.

    A tub with water several inches below the surface and an after picture with a drain cover and the water closer to the top of the tub
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $11.99 (available in three colours).

    13. And a milk bath soak that smells like delicious coconuts. It'll moisturize and soften your skin while you're having your ~me time~, so your skin will be oh-so-touchable when you get out (but that doesn't mean you have to let anyone touch you!).

    A person sprinkles bath salt into a bath
    @herbivorebotanicals / Via

    Get it from Sephora Canada for $24.

    14. A pair of slippers that'll keep your feet warm while you embark on episode 946 of your Grey's Anatomy binge-session. They have over 3,000 five-star reviews and people love how comfy and soft they are.

    A pair of fluffy slippers with feet in them on a bed
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $31.99+ (available in six colours and sizes 5-12).

    15. A pin featuring a little astronaut floating in a cup of coffee, which is truly a mood. We could all use a little space right now, tbh — six feet apart, everyone!

    A pin with an astronaut floating in a coffee cup that says I need space
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from sharpmindesigns on Etsy Canada for $12.80.

    16. A pair of blue-light blocking glasses that'll help ease the strain on your eyes if you spend all your time on your laptop writing up the next great Canadian novel. They'll make spending hours staring at your computer screen a little easier on your eyes and can even help ease headaches.

    A pair of glasses on a plain background
    Amazon Canada / Via

    Get a pair from Amazon Canada for $25.95 (available in 13 styles and 25 magnifications).

    17. A 1000-piece dinosaur puzzle that'll give you an excuse to opt out of the next family Zoom hangout: "Sorry, Mom, I'm brushing up on my paleontology..."

    A puzzle of dinosaurs
    ModCloth / Via

    Get it from ModCloth for $20.

    18. A pillow spray that might help you drift off to sleep a little easier, if your mind is furiously replaying every awkward thing you said and did that day. It's made of a blend of all-natural lavender, sandalwood, and rosemary that’ll lull you into a state of pure relaxation.

    A hand holds a bottle of the product on a pillow
    Amazon Canada / Via

    You can also use it as a cleansing spray for your protective face mask when it starts to smell a little funky.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $26.95.

    19. A mug that proudly proclaims that you're a homebody, because leaving the comfort of your own space is overrated.

    A mug that says homebody
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from SavvyandGraceDesigns on Etsy Canada for $25.96.

    20. A face mask that'll keep you and those around you safe while running essential errands that'll also let everyone know what you'd actually like to be doing.

    A facemask with the phrase I'd rather be home with my cat and a picture of a cat
    Etsy Canada / Via

    It's made with three layers of material and has elasticized ear bands to keep the mask snug against your face.

    Get it from DreamSodaStore on Etsy Canada for $19.71 (available in sizes M-L).

    21. And lastly, a sticker that you can decorate your laptop or water bottle with that'll proudly show off who you are, because being an introvert is the best!

    A colourful sticker that says introvert
    Etsy Canada / Via

    Get it from RKLetteringDesign on Etsy Canada for $5.65.

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