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    25 Products That Are So Great, You’ll Wanna Buy One For Everyone You Know

    Your friends and family will definitely thank you.

    1. A book-shaped safe that’ll hide all their valuables in plain sight. The fabric cover and spine looks just like an actual dictionary, so no one will be the wiser.

    2. A heart-warming dog calendar for 2021 that features a new and delightful pup for every day of the year. Each page features funny captions about the sweet doggos, as well as their ratings out of ten (don’t worry — they all get ratings higher than ten!).

    A 2021 calendar with a dog in a tux

    3. A popcorn popper that won’t need any oil or butter to whip them up a quick and yummy snack. Its lid also serves as a measuring cup and a butter melter.

    A popcorn popper with popcorn in it

    4. A trio of beeswax wraps that are treated with organic jojoba oil and tree resin. They’ll just need to warm them up in their hands, and they can be used to cover bowls, containers, or pieces of food.

    5. A high-speed power bank that’ll charge their phone and tablet when they’re on the go. It has over 22,000 five-star reviews and people say it's a lifesaver for camping trips and travelling.

    A power bank with two cords plugged in

    6. A finger yoga set that’ll give their digits a nice stretch when they’ve been stuck on their computer all day. It even comes with an illustrated book filled with finger yoga poses!

    A finger yoga book with a small pair of pants a mat and two yoga blocks

    7. An acupuncture ball that’ll help to increase blood flow to their hands and feet. Reviewers who have issues with arthritis say that it’s helped ease their aches and pains.

    An acupuncture ball under a persons foot

    8. A handheld label maker that’ll help them organize everything in their pantry once and for all. There are five different fonts to choose from, and the LCD screen will let them preview the labels, so they can catch any errors before they happen.

    9. The New York Times bestselling book called Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pyle. It’s full of funny comics about the strange (but not that strange) lives of extraterrestrial beings, as well as their odd, but accurate observations about everyday situations and problems.

    10. A portable book light that’ll keep their page illuminated during late-night reading sessions. It can be swivelled and bent in any direction and will last for about eight hours on the brightest setting.

    11. A rechargeable deep tissue massager that uses percussive technology to relieve aches and pains. It has over 10,000 five-star reviews and one person says it's been able to give them localized muscle relief from an injury.

    A massager digging into someones shoulder

    12. A Click and Grow garden that’ll help them grow fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs year-round from inside their home. The LED light will make their sprouts thrive, and it comes with self-watering technology, so their plants are never thirsty or overwatered.

    Plants growing in the device on a counter

    13. A party game that's a fun twist between a traditional board game and a round of dodgeball. Players will have to collect matching sets of cards faster than their opponents, all while dodging plushy burritos being thrown at them.

    14. A phone mount that'll keep any type of phone securely attached to their car dash or centre console. Instead of fiddly clamps, it uses magnets to keep their phone steady, so they can safely glance at their navigation while driving.

    A phone shows navigation while mounted to a car

    15. A rechargeable warmer that'll keep their hands cozy as the temperatures start to go down. It has three heat settings that’ll work for up to eight hours to keep their digits from freezing on the coldest of days.

    A person holds a hand warmer

    16. A set of powerful duvet magnets that’ll keep their duvet from bunching up inside its cover. Just put a magnet on each corner and they’ll keep everything in place, even if they thrash around in their sleep.

    17. A coffee blend that'll add a little sweet kick to their morning cup of caffeine. It's a medium roast that gives off a maple-y aroma, and if they want the scent and flavour to be even more intense, you could also grab them a French press.

    Two cups of coffee on a table beside a package of the coffee

    18. A handheld clothing steamer that’ll get the wrinkles out of their clothes in minutes, so they won’t have to break out the iron and ironing board. It also works on curtains and to sterilize carpets, so it'll be useful all around the house.

    A steamer emits steam with clothes hanging in the background

    19. A bottle of ghost pepper seasoning that'll set their mouth on fire, but also have them reaching for more. But tell them to be careful — reviewers warn that too much at once can make their lips go numb. But if that's what you're into, you do you!

    A bottle of the product beside a plate of food

    20. Or a jar of Japanese chili miso oil that'll hit them with a medium-spice heat and an umami punch. They can use it to marinate meats, add flavour to stir fries, amp up salad dressings, or just eat it straight from the spoon.

    A jar of the product beside a sandwich on a table

    21. A trio of handy anti-touch tools that’ll basically act as extensions of their hand, so they won’t have to touch any germ-covered surfaces. The tools can be used to open doors and bottles, type in passcodes on ATMs, and basically touch anything they don’t want to put their hands on.

    22. A little car gadget that’ll charge their phone and simultaneously create a Bluetooth connection for the stereo via an FM transmitter. It’ll let them use their phone or a micro SD card to stream music to their sound system, and reviewers say it's a breeze to get it up and going.

    A gadget plugged into a cigarette lighter with a charger

    23. A teeny-tiny fridge to keep their holy grail skin products chilled. Keeping them in the cold can help preserve ingredients like probiotics and keep them effective for longer. It can also be switched from cool to warm, so they can heat up handtowels or pillowcases when they want to feel extra snuggly.

    A mini fridge sits on a desk

    24. A pack of mask extenders that’ll prevent their face mask from tugging at their ears all day. It’ll also help hold masks securely to smaller faces, which is a great option for keeping little ones safe.

    25. And lastly, a massive blanket hoodie that’ll keep them warm and cozy when the temperatures start to dip. It has a giant pocket (perfect for carrying around snacks) and it can be thrown in the wash if it starts to smell too much like campfire smoke.

    People wear oversized sweaters around a firepit

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