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    19 Really Cute Things You Can Get From Canadian-Owned Stores On Etsy

    Try not to squeal out loud.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A card that'll let that special someone know you're thinking of them, because the world needs more gratitude and kindness right now. These two lil' peaches look as sweet as can be, and would definitely bring a smile to any pun lover that could use a pick-me-up.

    A card with two peaches that says I ap-peach-iate you

    Get it from AngelKaoDesigns on Etsy Canada for $6.50.

    2. A face mask that'll remind you and those around you to take all the necessary precautions, so we can all stay safe and healthy. The masks are made with a double-layered cotton-polyester blend that's breathable, comfortable and has an adorable little bumblebee, because pollinators 👏🏾 are 👏🏾 important 👏🏾 .

    A mask with ear hooks that has a bee and says bee safe

    Get it from Gollytimes on Etsy Canada for $12+ (available in adult and child size, and with or without an ear saver).

    3. A phone grip with a sassy avocado friend that'll help keep your device steady while you're scrolling through Insta, or keep your phone from wobbling while you're snapping the perfect selfie. You could almost say that it'll help you get a grip on your life!

    A pop socket with a happy looking avocado on the back of a phone

    Get it from TrendMarketDesigns on Etsy Canada for $11.99 (also available as an apple or a lemon).

    4. Some gummy bear earrings that look yummy enough to eat and will definitely get you compliments from people who love sweets. Reviewers say they're super light, don't irritate their skin, and are comfy enough to wear all day.

    Earrings shaped like gummy bears hanging from twine

    Get it from DangerpinsShop on Etsy Canada for $7.35 (available in 11 colours).

    5. A mug with the roundest dumpling who just looks super pleased to be with you during your morning hit of caffeine. The mug holds 11 fluid ounces (about 325 millilitres), and reviewers say they're really satisfied by the quality of the print on the mug.

    A mug with a dumpling with a cute face being squeezed by chopsticks that says cute as a dumpling

    Get it from TaybooIllustrations on Etsy Canada for $10.

    6. Or a water bottle that'll encourage you to get going in the morning, and hopefully help you get your daily water intake. It'll add a bit of sparkle to your workout and keep you hydrated while you binge the latest trashy Netflix show on the treadmill.

    A glitter water bottle with three stars that says rise and shine

    Make sure you handwash it!

    Get it from TaybooIllustrations on Etsy Canada for $18.

    7. Some reusable straws featuring a mama and baby turtle that'll hit you right in the feels about why you shouldn't use plastic straws. Why clog up the oceans and kill the turtles when you could use these adorable options instead?

    Two straws with little turtles on the top

    Get it from BowValleyStraws on Etsy Canada for $20 (available in eight colours and two styles).

    8. An elephant planter that'll add a little animal whimsy to that counter or table that needs a bit of sprucing up. Reviewers say it's perfect for succulents, but you could also grow some herbs in there and keep it in the kitchen.


    Get it from IkkiTreasures on Etsy Canada for $38.29.

    9. An enamel pin with the happiest looking ghost friend and a reminder that you are indeed very boo-tiful. Pin it to your purse, your t-shirt, the lapel of your jacket, or send it a friend who needs a little dose of cute.

    A pin with a happy looking ghost holding flowers and a pin that says you are boo-toful

    Get it from giftsofmv on Etsy Canada for $15.

    10. Some silicone pens that'll make your workday a little more exciting with these animals that are cheering you on. Reviewers say they love the quality of the pens, how well they write, and how good they feel in their hand.

    Pens with little animals on the top with their hands in the air

    Get it from GinkoSupplies on Etsy Canada for $4.49 (available in six animals, each sold seperately).

    11. A pencil sharpener that looks like a scrumptious cookie. It’ll brighten up your pencil case, and maybe encourage you to go pick up an actual cookie as a little treat. You deserve it!

    Pencil sharpeners shaped like yummy cookies

    Get it from MyClueCanada on Etsy Canada for $6.25.

    12. And a cute pencil case to keep all your cute things in. It looks like a milk carton, but is made of soft polyurethane leather that'll keep all of your stationery supplies (or makeup!) safe.

    Four pencil cases that are shaped like milk containers

    Get it from Iddqtpie on Etsy Canada for $13.68 (available in four colours).

    13. A cupcake candle that’ll make you salivate when you light it — and they come in such tempting smells as strawberry, cotton candy, or vanilla. They're made with natural soy wax and look pretty on their own or with a few stacked on a cake tray.


    Get it from BodyandLight on Etsy Canada for $5 (available in eight scents).

    14. A bookmark with the most delighted-looking peach keeping your spot in your latest read. It has a little magnet that'll prevent it from sliding out of your book and losing your page and reviewers say they're a great gift for the bibliophiles in your life.


    Get it from LittlePaperNotes on Etsy Canada for $6.50.

    15. A lil' Gudetama art print, because this existential egg is truly a whole damn mood. In this print he's hanging out in a bowl of bibimbap and looks like he's having a great time (well, as good of a time as he ever has).

    An art print of Gudetama in a bowl of food

    Get it from ydxart on Etsy Canada for $8.50.

    16. A boba tea case for your AirPods, so you never have to go rooting through the depths of your purse to find them ever again. It also comes with an extra little boba ring that makes it easy to carry or to loop onto your keyring.

    A person holds a case that looks like boba tea

    They work for both first- and second-generation AirPods.

    Get it from LittlePleasuresCo on Etsy Canada for $18.95.

    17. Or some washi tape featuring boba tea with gold foil that'll add some pretty accents to your notebook or bullet journal. Reviewers say they're even more beautiful in person and that it's a must-have for all the bobaholics out there.

    Three rolls of washi tape with gold foil and boba tea

    Get it from pocketbunshop on Etsy Canada for $7.50 (available in three colours).

    18. A light switch cover featuring Pickachu and some of his friends that's the unexpected addition to your room that you never knew you needed. It's made with no harmful varnishes or shellacs, so it's safe for a little one's room, and is also unbreakable.

    A lightswitch cover with Pikachu and other Pokemon

    Get it from PrairielandDecor on Etsy Canada for $8.95+.

    19. And lastly, a pillow featuring a corgi butt, which is arguably the cutest butt in existence. It's stuffed with hypoallergenic filling, which means you can get all cuddled up on this little guy's derriere and having yourself a little snoozle without worrying about your allergies bothering you.

    A pillow in the grass of a cartoon looking corgi

    Get it from NufnufCreations on Etsy Canada for $25.86.

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