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    18 Products That’ll Help You Cool Down Quickly When The Heat Is Just Too Much

    *fans self repeatedly*

    1. Some cold therapy socks that’ll immediately chill your aching tootsies if you overdid it on your afternoon walk. Just freeze the inserts, put on the socks, slip the inserts into the back and underside of the socks, and you’ll feel some serious relief.

    2. A misting system that'll give you a quick spritz when it's unbearably hot outside, but you still want to enjoy the sunshine. The hose is about 30 feet long and has 16 misting ports that can be rotated. Just plug it into your tap and angle the mist to where you're sitting on the patio!

    A dog cools off in a misting spray

    3. A cooling pillow that'll stay firm and keep your neck supported all night. One side of the pillow has cooling gel pads to prevent you from overheating and the other is like a typical pillow that's made of hypoallergenic memory foam.

    4. Or some cooling pillowcases, if you like the pillows you currently have, but want more of a cooling effect. They’re made with a special fabric absorbs excess heat, and they have cooling technology, so you won’t wake up in a puddle of sweat. You'll also wake up with less frizzy and broken hair, since the soft material is friendlier on your mane than traditional pillows.

    5. A cooling mattress pad that'll wick away sweat and moisture while you sleep. It has deep pockets that'll hug the corners of your bed and can be thrown in the washing machine if it starts to get funky.

    A mattress topper on a bed

    6. A foot spray that has peppermint essential oil that'll refresh your feet if they're feeling a bit beat up from a day at the beach. Reviewers say they like using it after working out, because it gets rid of odour and really cools the feet down.

    A bottle of the product laying flat on a table with mint leaves

    7. A splash pad that's definitely geared towards children, but will totally work for adults as well. Plug your hose into the mat and let the little ones splash around, or stick your toes in the spray (or just starfish across the pad; we’re not judging).

    Kids and an adult play in a splash pad in a backyard

    8. A personal cooling system that'll give you almost instant relief when you can't catch your breath. Unscrew the lid, add two cups of ice, put the lid back on, and turn it on for cool air within only ten seconds or so.

    9. A cooling towel that you just soak in water, wring out, snap a couple of times, and voilà! It’ll stay chilled for at least three hours. It’ll help to quickly bring down your body temperature when you’re sweating through your clothes.

    10. A mini fan that'll keep you from sweating through your clothes during walks and picnics. It’s USB chargeable, so you don’t need to keep replacing batteries, and will last for a few hours before needing another charge.

    A person is outdoors by the water with a fan pointed at their face

    11. Or a portable fan that you can either wear on your body or stand upright. It's also USB rechargeable, has LED lights if you want to read at night, and has three speeds. Just remember — if you're wearing it around your neck, make sure your hair is tied up!

    A fan with two heads is upright on a desk and two people wear it around their neck

    12. Or a misting fan, if you need both a breeze and some cool water on your overheated face You can put ice in the container, so it's extra chilly for those afternoons on the patio when the humidity is getting the best of you.

    A bottle filled with water with a fan attachment is placed upright on grass

    13. A pack of facial wipes with naturally-sourced cucumber extract that'll cool your skin down — and get rid of the mascara that’s melted all over your face. They're dermatologist tested and free of parabens and alcohol, so they're totally safe around your eyes.

    A pack of facial wipes with cucumbers on it

    14. A water bottle that'll keep your water icy cold and also give you a quick mist if you're overheating. It's double insulated but flexible and easy to squeeze, so it's the perfect companion during your jogs or bike rides.

    15. Some Pedialyte pops that'll help rehydrate you if you've lost too much fluids and electrolytes. It has sugar and sodium to quickly make you feel better and is a fun treat for adults as well as kids.

    A variety of pops are fanned out on a counter

    16. An ice roller that’ll quickly cool your face down after your workout, or even just during a particularly hot day. Just put the green roller part in the fridge or freezer for ten minutes and then roll over your face for some instant relief.

    17. Or an eye mask that you keep in the freezer — it’ll conform to the shape of your face to really target coldness to your eye sockets. It'll also help if you have a headache from being out in the sun all day and possibly having one too many glasses of wine.

    A person wears the mask over their eyes

    18. And lastly, just a really powerful fan, because sometimes all you need is to park yourself in front of one and feel the breeze. It has three speeds and doesn't require any assembly, so it should cool you down quickly!

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