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    29 Products That’ll Take Your Cooking Game To The Next Level

    Show your kitchen who’s boss. (It’s you; you’re the boss.)

    1. A hamburger press that'll give you uniform patties every time, so everything always cooks evenly. It's made of nonstick aluminum, so your burgers won't get trapped in the press, and can easily be transferred to the grill or the freezer.

    2. A meat tenderizer that'll transform even the toughest cuts of meat into something delicious. It'll dramatically lower the amount of time your meat needs to marinate and will also slash cooking time.

    3. A zester and grater, because fresh parmesan cheese all over your spaghetti and meatballs is the best kind of treat. It’ll also work on ingredients like carrots, ginger, coconut, and chocolate, so you can fool folks into thinking you’re a pro chef.

    A grater is on a cutting board with cheese, chocolate, and fruit

    4. An air fryer that'll help you fry up your favourite foods, but with drastically less oil. It uses a convection fan system that'll give your food a crispy texture without actually deep frying them.

    5. A silicone doughnut mould, so you can make your favourite sweet treat without stepping out to Tim Hortons. Just spritz with a little oil, pour in your batter, toss it in the oven, and bam! Homemade doughnuts, just like that.

    6. An immersion blender that can do so many things, it's basically genius. It'll blend dips, mix cake batter, crush frozen fruit, and generally take on anything that needs turning into a liquid.

    An immersion blender beside a pot of soup and with veggies on a cutting board

    7. A pizza stone that'll give you restaurant-quality crust and even help give some life to frozen pizzas when you just need some quick comfort food. It doesn't need any soaking or seasoning, so you can start eating some yummy pie right away.

    8. Some piping tips and bags that'll help you get that pro chef look for your baked goods (or even your avocado toast!). This set has everything you need to make a delicious treat that totally deserves a spot on your Insta grid.

    9. A tofu press that'll squeeze out any excess water in your tofu. With the extra water out of it, your tofu will cook faster, more evenly, and take on more of the yummy flavours of your dish.

    10. A spaghetti measuring tool that'll tell you exactly how much pasta you need, so you never have too much or too little. Just slide pasta into one of the four gauges and it'll give you the serving size you're looking for.

    A pasta measuring tool with spaghetti through one of the gauges

    11. A mandolin that'll help you get perfectly even slices of fruits and veggies. It has a cover to protect your hands from the super sharp blades, so you can cut without worrying about any trips to the ER.

    12. A meat chopper that'll break up clumps of ground beef in your pan. It has five blades that break down the meat, so everything is cooked evenly and not burnt — or undercooked (shudder).

    A tool breaks up ground beef in a skillet

    13. A pasta maker that'll let you live out your dreams of being an Italian chef. It has seven different settings that'll let you decide how thick you want the dough to be, and it easily whips up lasagna sheets, spaghetti, and fettuccine.

    14. A food steamer that'll help if you're looking to cut down on oil in your diet. All you need to do is pour in some water, toss in your meats, veggies, and grains, set the timer, and dinner will steam itself right before your eyes.

    A steam machine has veggies on the bottom layer and salmon on the top

    15. A smoking gun that’ll infuse so much flavour into your creations, the whole family will be salivating. Load up the gun with wood chips, light it, and blow smoke into a covered container of any kind. Try it with your next cocktail for some extra layers to your adult beverage!

    Smoke is trapped under a cloche filled with cheese

    16. A crinkle cutter that'll give you restaurant-quality waffle fries and cute food garnishes from the comfort of your own kitchen. It's rust resistant and has a non-slip handle, so you won't actually injure yourself, and it'll definitely add a bit of fancy to your salads and stir fry.

    17. A taco bowl mould that'll help you serve up some fun taco salads, chillis, enchilada casseroles, party dips, salsa, and anything else you can dream up. Just coat the pans lightly with cooking spray, press in the tortilla wrap, bake for 8-10 minutes, and enjoy your super fun meal.

    18. A little dumpling press that'll help you create perfectly-sealed treats that won't spill your filling all over the place. It'll cut your pastry into a perfect circle, has a spoon to transfer your filling, and then crimps closed, so you don't have to do it with your fingers.

    19. Some cedar planks that'll infuse yummy flavour into your food, like salmon fillets or chicken thighs. Just make sure to soak the boards for three to four hours before grilling on the barbeque!

    Three cedar planks with salmon on them are on the barbecue

    20. A cast iron grill press that'll get rid of extra fat in meats and add impressive grill marks. It weighs almost three pounds, so you could also use it as a panini press for some delicious sandwiches.

    21. A pair of meat-handling claws that'll shred all your meats and let you live out that little Wolverine fantasy you've been harbouring. They also works as a way to carry hot meat securely and to protect your hands from knives while cutting.

    22. A spiralizer that'll help you make zoodles at home, if you're keeping it low carb. It has five different blades, so you can choose what thickness you want your veggies to be cut into.

    A spiralizing machine makes zucchini noodles

    23. A pastry dough blender that'll incorporate all your ingredients, so you don't get any weird flour pockets in your baked goods. It has an ergonomic handle, so your hands won't get tired if you're cutting frozen butter into your batter, and it also works for mashing potatoes and baby food, salsa, guacamole, and mixing together minced meat.

    24. A mini blow torch, because playing with fire (responsibly!) is all kinds of fun. Use it to get that perfectly-crackly crème brûlée crust, or just to sear fruits to bring out their natural sweetness.

    25. A gravy and sauce whisk that'll incorporate all of the ingredients evenly, including tricky roux mixtures. It's made with durable stainless steel wires and has an angled head that'll get into all of the edges of your pan, because that's where all the good stuff is hiding.

    A person mixes a gravy with a whisk

    26. A flavour injector that'll add a serious kick to your next Sunday dinner. If you don't have time to marinate meat, just inject your marinade right into it, which will make it all tender and juicy when it's cooked.

    27. A silicone dough rolling bag that'll give you a perfectly-even crust for your pizza or pie. The measurement markings help you roll to exactly the size you need, and it'll keep your countertop clean.

    A person rolls out pastry in a silicone bag

    28. A baker's dusting wand to add that *chef's kiss* moment to your pastries, even if they didn't turn out perfectly. You can sprinkle cocoa, powdered sugar, and spices on top of treats to show off to friends and fam.

    Powdered sugar is being sifted onto cookies from a sifter

    29. And lastly, a knife sharpener, because having a dull blade can actually be dangerous when you're chopping and slicing. Keep your knives perfectly honed with this handy tool, just like real chefs do.

    A knife sharpener and a knife are on a cutting board surrounded by produce

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