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    33 Cheerful Products On Amazon Canada That Cost $20 Or Less

    Because fun stuff doesn't have to be pricey.

    1. A poutine candle that I truly wish I'd known about sooner, because look at how damn cute it is. The realistic-looking treat is made of 100% paraffin wax and smells like coconut cream as it burns, so try not to salivate all over the place when you inhale the yummy goodness.

    2. A little animal holder that'll protect your toothbrush from the bacteria in your bathroom. It has a suction cup that'll stick to tile, mirror, or other smooth surfaces, so you can stick it by your sink or in the shower if that's where you prefer to clean your teeth.

    3. A little LED light to add some sparkle to your day, because you're a star and you know it 🌟. You can use it as decor anywhere in your space, or as a little nightlight if you need some illumination during the evening.

    A star-shaped LED light shines on a base

    4. A recycling bin mug, because it's important to reduce, re-use, recycle and refill. Buy it for your eco-conscious friend, or for your parents to encourage them to recycle more. It'll serve as a reminder that our planet needs us to be responsible.

    A mug that looks like a recycling bin is on a table and filled with liquid

    5. A bath caddy that'll hold your wine glass or beer can in place after you've had a long day. It'll suction onto your shower or bath wall and can hold up to seven pounds, so go ahead and pour yourself a couple of extra ounces — you deserve it!

    A suction cup holds a glass of wine on a bathtub as a hand reached for it

    6. A dinosaur pasta server that'll snag spaghetti strands with its ferocious teeth. It'll drain water through its eyes and nose and can go in the dishwasher if the marinara sauce gets the best of it.

    A serving spoon that looks like a dinosaur hovers over a bowl of spaghetti

    7. A pack of 65 scrunchies, because when you inevitably lose one you'll still have 64 to go through. It comes with 30 velvet ties, 20 satin ties, and 15 chiffon ties. They're stretchy and won't snag your hair like some elastics do, and there's more than enough options to match your outfit on any day.

    8. Some steak seasoning from the famous Montreal restaurant Joe Beef, because cooking from home doesn't have to be boring. It brings in the flavours of the city’s famous smoked meat, as well as barbecue notes, for a yummy blend that you'll reach for during grilling season and beyond.

    A hand is sprinkling seasoning onto a piece of meat on a cutting board with a bottle of seasoning beside it

    9. A little panda stapler, because why have a plain stapler when this little guy clearly wants to help you? Add him to your stationery supplies or give him a spot on your desk since his little cheerful face will probably brighten your day.

    A hand is holding a little panda stapler about the size of the person's palm

    10. Some mermaid bandages, because if you're going to be injured, it might as well be cute! Cover your scrapes with glittering scales, mermaid tails, and a mystical narwhal who probably has some funky healing powers.

    11. A nail polish holder that you wear like a ring that'll securely hold the bottle in place, so you don't have to worry about knocking it over on a table. Now you can give yourself a little mani in bed without ruining your sheets. Also great for doing nails on the go 💅🏾.

    A person has a ring on their finger that is holding nail polish as they paint their nails

    12. A cute lil' sloth infuser who's super excited to brew your next cup of tea. The little friend will eliminate the need for single-use tea bags, so it's good for the environment, and also just really cute to look at.

    A sloth tea strainer sits in a coup of tea on a glass plate on a table

    13. A screaming goat that's a whole damn mood. Just press the tree stump the next time you’re feeling down and treat yourself to some ridiculous high-pitched screams, because goats apparently have zero chill.

    A box with a screaming goat, a screaming goat figurine, and a pocket guide to screaming goats

    14. An 18-inch inflatable tube man for your desk, because nothing beats the 3 p.m. slump like this little friend's motorized antics. Watch him fill with air and flop around, and maybe try out some of his moves, because sometimes you gotta make your own fun.

    15. Some chef's bottles that'll help you replicate that beautifully-plated meal you saw on your favourite YouTube channel. You can use it to drizzle olive oil into a pan, dressing onto salads, sauce into your meals, or chocolate syrup into your desserts (or directly into your mouth — I'm not judging).

    16. Some satin pillowcases, because it seems like the kind of thing a Disney princess would have, but is actually affordable. Satin also helps prevent hair breakage and is a wonder for curly hair, since it doesn't damage the curl pattern like cotton cases tend to.

    17. A crinkle cutter that'll give you restaurant-quality waffle fries and cute food garnishes from the comfort of your own kitchen. It's rust resistant and has a non-slip handle, so you won't actually injure yourself, and it'll definitely add a bit of fancy to your salads and stir fry.

    18. A bubble clay mask with carbonation that'll gently massage your face with a little tingly sensation. It'll clean out your pores and help remove blackheads, so you'll be ready for your next selfie in no time.

    19. Some floral stickers to decorate your stuff with, because why not? Put them on your laptop, on your phone, on your bike, in your notebooks, or in handwritten letters to your friends and fam.

    20. Some wall decals that'll add a bit of fancy to that wall that's starting to look a bit boring. They're safe on walls, easily removable, and don't leave behind any residue, so you don't have to worry about the paint being damaged.

    21. And a mug with woodland creatures that'll make your morning caffeine fix that much sweeter. It's lightweight and made of durable enamel, so it can easily travel with you from the kitchen, to your home desk, and out to your patio.

    A white mug with stylized blue animals

    22. A pair of goldfish earrings that are truly the unexpected accessory you never knew you needed. Pair it with a casual summer look for a relaxed vibe, or go full-on glam in a fancy dress and heels. Get ready for compliments on your new fishy friends!

    23. Some egg shapers that'll help you surprise your roomies or partner with an unexpected little breakfast moment. Slice up some avocado, toast some bread, toss an egg into your shape of choice, and bam! Fancy brekkie, just like that.

    24. A pair of adorable puppy socks that would look totally precious peeking out the back of tennis shoes. They're made of 100% cotton, so they're comfortable, breathable, sweat-wicking, and safe for the washer and dryer.

    25. Some reusable freezie bags that'll help you cool down when it's 30 degrees (without humidity!) outside and you're starting to melt. Just mix together your favourite juices (or alcohols), pop them in the bag, seal them, freeze them, and enjoy!

    26. A friendly animal cable saver that'll extend the life of your chargers by protecting them from wear and tear as well as fraying. There are six in a pack, so you can decorate your cord with more than one!

    An animal is pushed around a cord at it's charging point

    27. A notebook decorated with a blue tree that has hearts for leaves, because love is always growing. It has an elastic band that can be used to keep it shut or to mark your page. It also has a pocket on the inside of the back cover that you can use to store receipts and business cards.

    28. A lettering and calligraphy guide that'll make your terrible penmanship so much better. It'll teach you different alphabet styles and has lettering projects for you to show off your new skills, so you can send someone a pretty handwritten letter that'll totally make their day.

    29. A pineapple wine stopper that’ll keep your vino fresh if you don’t finish the bottle all at once — and it will look super cute on your patio for a little Insta moment. It comes in fun packaging, so it would also make a great little present.

    A pineapple wine stopper in a package and a pineapple wine stopper showing the cork

    30. A set of 12 unbreakable, recyclable wine glasses for the drinker that gets a little unsteady after downing some vino. They won't chip or crack, so all you have to do is say cheers!

    31. A cult-favourite Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater that'll cool you down and make you smell nice, even if you haven't showered in a while. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, so it’s perfect for any skin type, and it works great as a toner or over makeup.

    32. An egg cracker for the soft-boiled egg lover that can never get the top off without catastrophe. This aluminum device will cleanly crack the shell off, so you can dip your toast in the gooey goodness.

    An egg is in a cup on a table with the top of the shell cleanly removed by an egg cracker being held in two hands

    33. And lastly, a pretty nail polish, because a good mani can make you feel like you're ready to slay dragons. This light lilac colour is perfect for warm weather and looks gorgeous on all skin colours.

    Three hands that are each holding a bottle of nail polish with painted nails

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