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    23 Products That'll Bring Spring Right Into Your Home

    Decorate your house with the season.

    1. A botanical print that features flowers that grow in Quebec, as well as the time and season of their full bloom. It also shows which flowers are urban pollinators, in case you're looking for new ideas for your garden. We love a little Canadiana moment. 🇨🇦

    2. A minimalist green leaf pillow that's made of cotton canvas and polyester, so it can be thrown in the washer if it gets a bit grimy. The leaf is made entirely of embroidered dark green thread that won't itch your skin, so you can lay back on it and head to snoozle town.

    3. A tablecloth decorated with baby's-breath for an understated, but elegant little spring moment. It can go in the washer and dryer, so clean up's a breeze if you get a little clumsy pouring gravy.

    4. A serving platter with a delicate botanical detail for a pretty touch. Plate it with tender spring veggies like new carrots and peas for the ultimate seasonal experience.

    5. Some laminated cork placemats for a playful place setting. You can almost hear the hens cackling and the roosters crowing. 🐓

    6. Or a braided placemat that'll add a pretty rustic touch to your table. Bright springtime flowers will liven up your dinner dates, even if they're happening via Zoom.

    7. Dinner plates decorated with wildflowers that look almost too good to cover with food. They'll make your #quarantinecooking photos extra cute.

    8. Some measuring cups adorned with blossoms, if you've become as obsessed with baking as everyone else. Whip up some brownies or sourdough bread and show them off on your Insta story.

    9. A candle made with soy wax that brings the scent of spring inside. It smells like all of the flowers that bloom during those first few days of sunshine, and it'll burn for about 40 hours.

    10. A soft, dreamy duvet cover that'll have you wrapped up in pretty flowers as you fall asleep. Brace yourself for dreams of running through meadows, just like your favourite Bollywood movie.

    11. A white rabbit pillow you'll want to snuggle into during sunny afternoons. His little tail is made of a yellow and pink pom-pom, which is just way too cute to handle.

    12. A floral apron that'll protect your clothes from mishaps in the kitchen. Whip up some ratatouille, which is perfect for spring, or treat yourself to some frozen pizza, which is perfect at any time of the day — all without splattering your clothes with sauce!

    13. Floral curtains that'll add a garden-like charm to your bedroom or home office. They're sheer, so you can still enjoy some daylight, without being blinded.

    14. A natural and reusable alternative to plastic wrap that'll keep food fresher for longer. It's made from Canadian beeswax and can easily be cleaned in warm soapy water.

    15. Or a mug featuring a honey bee because bees 👏🏽 are 👏🏽important 👏🏽. Brew up your favourite herbal tea and add a squeeze of honey for a little sweet treat.

    16. A print of baby foxes having a little smooch that'll add a sweet touch to any room. I mean, c'mon, how stinking cute are these little guys?!

    17. A glass storage container with a cute summery print, because why not? It'll make your leftovers look more appealing, and add to the springy theme of your kitchen.

    18. A blossom lamp that brings a unique floral touch to your reading nook or desk. The flower has a bulb nestled in the petals that illuminates the frosted glass for a diffused, moody kind of lighting.

    19. An artificial lavender plant that makes for a fun decor piece in any room of your house. If you love plants but aren't the best at taking care of them, this is perfect since it requires zero maintenance and you absolutely can't kill it.

    20. A handcrafted stoneware vase for all the fresh new flowers from your garden. This vase brings a pretty floral touch indoors, and would also look great with dried or faux floral arrangements.

    21. A table runner that'll make your dining room look like it belongs to a real adult. It has embroidered birds perched on flowering trees, just like the first few months of spring.

    22. Some cheerful hand towels with bright, embroidered flowers against a modern gray background. They're made of 100% cotton terry, so they're super soft and absorbent.

    23. And lastly, a lil' hedgehog doorstop that's so pleased to hold the door open for you. This sweet little guy is filled with weighted polyester and sand, and will add a playful touch to your decor.

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