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    18 Really Nice Products From Black-Owned Stores On Etsy Canada

    Take all my money, please.

    1. A crop top with a stylish raw cut Kente trim for a pop of colour. According to the Etsy store, the top is made of cotton and love and is a piece that merges West African fashion with the North American lifestyle.

    2. A mug that'll hopefully encourage to to be as fierce as the incredible people it lists. Whether it's inspiring like Michelle Obama, changing daytime television like Oprah, or winning a Grand Slam (after having a baby!) like Serena, there's someone on this list that'll hit you in the feels over your morning cup of caffeine.

    A mug that says inspire like Michelle lead like Harriet write like Maya reclaim like Maxine build like Madam C J challenge like Rosa speak like Sojourner win like Serena influence like Oprah

    3. A sweatshirt with an afro pick that has some pretty glorious natural hair. The shirt’s made with a mix of cotton and polyester that’ll keep you warm as well as fashionable (as we slowly — but surely — head into the colder months).

    A person wears a sweatshirt with an afro pick with a natural hairstyle

    4. A sparkly face mask, because we all know protecting ourselves and others is super important, but you can also be your extra self while doing it. It has elastic to securely fit against your face, and it can be thrown in the wash for easy sanitizing.

    5. A rainbow sticker with a message that, quite frankly, I’d like tattooed on my forehead. It's weatherproofed to withstand extreme conditions and can be added to any surface that needs a little inspiration.

    A rainbow sticker that says science is real black lives matter no human is illegal love is love women's rights are human rights kindness is everything

    6. A canvas tote bag that spreads an important message, is sturdy and practical, and has enough space for everything you need during a day of protesting or running errands. Each bag is hand pressed and can be put in the machine to wash and then air dried.

    A tote with a fist that says black lives matter

    7. A minimalist painting for all of the people out there who wear their heart on their sleeve (I certainly do!). The 8x10 is printed on smooth paper with quality inks, and it’s delivered with a cardboard backing and a protective sleeve that’ll prevent it from getting dinged up in the mail.

    A person has a bright heart on their sleeve

    8. A pair of hand-stamped earrings that'll let the rest of the world in on the secret that you already know. You can add a customization of up to five letters on one side, which would be a nice way of adding a personal touch, like your initials.

    One earring says black girl magic and the other has the letters P D J

    9. Or some statement earrings of the African continent with engraved lines that demarcate the borders of the countries. They’re about three inches long, made of acrylic and brass, and are sure to get you plenty of compliments.

    A person wears an earring in the shape of Africa

    10. A notebook with a quote by Audre Lorde that's a reminder on why holding onto anger over injustice can be a productive way of bringing about change. It has 118 ruled pages for your notes, thoughts, or plans on how to change the world.

    A notebook that says when we turn from anger we turn from insight saying we will accept only the designs already known deadly and safely familiar. It also says the authors name Audre Lord and that she was a Black lesbian mother warrior poet

    11. A decadent body oil that'll keep your skin feeling smooth, firm, and nourished. It's made with rose hip seed oil, grape, camellia, bergamot, neroli, and pomegranate seed oil that have moisturizing fatty acids and antioxidant properties.

    A bottle of the product beside three roses

    12. A waterfall necklace that's sure to add a statement to any outfit you pair it with. The handmade, beaded piece is 20 inches long and would look perfect with jeans and a tee or over a more formal dress.

    13. Some cotton placemats that are handmade in Zimbabwe with a traditional technique. They come as a mixed set, which means they don't totally match, but instead complement each other on a dining table.

    14. An aromatherapy candle that smells like eucalyptus, spearmint and oatmeal, and has a label that might help you calm down if you say it out loud like it did for the characters in Bad Boys. It'll burn for about 45-50 hours and has a twist-off top that you can leave on when you're not using it, so it doesn't get dusty.

    A candle with a label that says whooo fucking saaaa

    15. An edge brush made of natural boar bristles that'll help you style, shape, and finish your edges. The bristles are gentler on the fine hair than toothbrushes and they stimulate the scalp and spread your hair's natural oils.

    A person brushes the edges on another person

    16. Or a stylish turban o hide your hair when you can’t be fussed to deal with it — plus, it’ll add a pop of colour and style to your outfit. It comes with a pre-tied knot and is made of stretchy cotton, which will let your scalp breathe.

    A person wears a turban with a knot

    17. A print poster with a stylized version of Black Panther's mask, because he's arguably the best character in the Marvel universe. It's printed on premium lustre paper and the print will last for up to 200 years. It'd also be a terrific addition to your home office or a little one's bedroom who dreams of visiting Wakanda.

    A stylized picture of black panther's mask on a print with the words Wakanda Zone

    18. And lastly, a T-shirt that says it all. It's made of 100% cotton, comes in unisex sizing, and has a tear-away label, so it won't be itchy on your neck.

    A tee shirt that says black lives matter on a wooden background

    Internally debating with yourself about needing all of these products:

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