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The Types Of People You See At A Brunch Buffet

It's an animal world out there with the buffet being the ultimate watering hole.

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The Mountain Climbers

1.The Mountain Climbers: We all know that person in the buffet that creates a plate as tall as Mount Everest. These people fully understand the meaning of ‘$15 all you can eat buffet’ and make sure they are getting their moneys worth. Beware: if you are behind them in the brunch line, there will be no more food left and you will leave the buffet hungry.

The Mimosa Mommas

$1 mimosas are the best and worst thing to ever happen to the world. At every brunch buffet you’ll see a group of ladies that every Bartender loathes. The ‘It’s only a dollar? Well I’m having a crapton’ mimosa ladies. These day drunk daisies loose their shit over some simply orange, but hey they are getting their moneys worth right?

The Carnivores

These bacon, sausage, Ron Swanson fanatics only stick to the top of the food chain food. You’ll see them with mile high plates of delicious apple wood smoked breakfast, scrumptious breakfast sausage, and other meaty delights. Would you like some salad sir? NO. These people do not eat food that their food eats. Period.

The ‘Can I customize my brunch?’ people

These people are constantly bothering the waiter with ‘can I get a little extra of this?’ or ‘Can you make this without this?’. This is a brunch, not a normal meal you incessant person. Leave the waiter alone, and get another mimosa.

The Enlightened Ones

Every guy has been drug to a brunch buffet by their girlfriends at least once in their life. ‘Oh honey lets go to this cute little spot for brunch tomorrow ok?.’ Cute. Little. Spot. ? But do not fear men, there is an abundance of meaty manly foods, mouthwatering cinnamon rolls, and the all hailed breakfast casserole. Have no fear men, and munch on.

The Skinny-Girls-Who-Eat-Like-Bears

These girls are the girls that all other women hate. They reflect qualities from numbers 1, 2, and 3. They are not ashamed of going back for seconds and thirds, in fact brunch is not a success if they don’t. We can all hope that one day that superhuman metabolism will catch up for them, but for now YOU GO GIRL.


Brunch is one of our favorite meals of the day, and no matter what type of brunch person you are it should be enjoyed. If you are now ready to eat your body weight in brunch food after reading this than check out for brunch listings in Austin, TX. Just make sure to wear your stretchy pants.

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