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    13 Must Have Punjabi Dishes To Eat Before You Die.

    There are so many Pakistani Punjabi Dishes which can make you fall in love with Punjabi food and cooking. I have created a short list of 13 Punjabi dishes to make you starving for Punjabi food.

    1. Rawalpindi's Famous Keema Naan.


    Qeema Naan is more famous in upper Punjab and It is mostly used as a breakfast dish in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

    2. Multan's Famous Sohan Halwa.

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    Sohan halwa is a dish of Multan city which has it's own identity worldwide. It is a sweet dish which is available at all sweets shops and railway stations in Pakistan. As in unique packaging; Sohan Halwa beat many other sweets sale nationally.

    3. Lahore's Famous Katlama - Desi Pizza.

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    There are things that you just can’t separate from the place of their origin, Yes that's why we can say that Lahore is the city of Katlama. Katlama is also known as a Poor Man's Pizza but I would like to call it as Pizza of a Giant. It’s a giant size flat bread, covered with red chilli paste and then deep fried. It resembles pizza a lot. The smaller one weighs 1+1/2 kg and is 2+1/2 feet in diameter. The bigger one, which is made only on special occasions and festivals is 4 feet in diameter.

    4. You aren't Punjabi If you haven't taste Sarson Da Saag.

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    Yes The Sarson da Saag with Makai di Roti (Tortilla) and White Desi Butter. Sarson da saag is a popular vegetable dish in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India, It is made from mustard leaves and spices. However, it is also popular in Haryana and Rajasthan.

    5. Lahore's Famous Cholay Haleem.

    It is a famous dish of Lahore. Mostly people love to go and eat at Aashiq's Cholay Haleem at Saddar Bazaar, Lahore. This recipe is rare but we recommend this to all of you. Hope you all will love it!

    6. Punjab's Favorite Punjabi Pulao.

    Punjabi Palao is a famous and top favorite dish of Pakistani Punjab. You can cook it home with rice, mutton, beef, vegetables or chicken. There are various spices brands available in Pakistan whom offer easy cooking Pulao recipe.

    7. Favorite Drink of Winters Kashmiri Pink Tea.

    Everyone gets fervent to have Kashmiri Tea in winters through out Pakistan, especially in Punjab Province. Kashmiri Tea is also a famous ingredient of late night Punjabi wedding events.

    8. Famous Punjabi Desert Pethey ka Halwa.

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    It is also known as ash gourd halwa or white pumpkin desert. Locally this is one of the famous deserts.

    9. Lahore's Favorite Phajjay ke Paye.

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    Who can every forget phajjay ka paye. Phajjay ke Paye is basically a brand's name of Fazl-e-Haq (nicked as Phajja) chain of restaurants. This is the especial Lahori Paye (feet) taste which can be only found at Fazl-e-Haq Restaurant at Taxali gate, Lahore.

    10. Famous Punjabi Desert Anday ka Halwa.

    This egg halwa is famous in all Punjabi families especially cooked in winters. Its recipe is very easy and can be cook instantly.

    11. Famous Punjabi Desert Besan di Roti.

    It is a famous Punjabi loaf/tortilla which is made of Gram flour.

    12. Lahore's Famous Murgh Cholay.

    It is a dish of Chicken with Chickpeas. Now you can get Murgh Cholay all over Pakistan but there is still nothing which taste like original Lahori Murgh Cholay.

    13. Sargodha's Tasty Desert Maash ki Daal ka Halwa.

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    It is also known as White Lentil Halwa. Its a golden appetizing color desert which can starve anyone. It is the famous sweet dish of Urdu Bazar, Sargodha City.

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