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    10 Reasons Every Woman Should Follow Pakistan Based Feminist Poet Nida Mahmoed

    This young poet is going against all the tides of Pakistan's poetry culture. She is a Poet and Technology Investor by profession and uses initially Instagram and Twitter to post her poetry about feminism, survival, womanhood, abuse and love. Nida is not only the first published English language poet of Pakistan but also she is the first feminist poet in Pakistan. Here's you will see the 10 reasons to why you should follow Nida Mahmoed on Instagram.

    1. Against Woman Abuse

    2. Acid Attack

    3. Womanhood

    4. Self Love

    5. Fear of a Feminist

    6. Sorrow

    7. Love

    8. Against Man Dilemma

    9. Truly describe Love of a Woman

    10. Woman = Fire

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