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    • sarahp38

      ps. I just wanted to clarify that I was in no way laughing at Dubitsky’s portion of the article. Those were all terrible and I feel horribly that it happened. I simply meant that I giggled at your own (Doree’s) portion at the beginning where you spoke of planning escapes from your apartment, urgent needs to get out of bed, etc.

    • sarahp38

      Doree, soIguess I’m one of the 3% of adults right there with you.Ihave “night terrors” at least3timesaweek.Ifound myself laughing out loud at some of your references simply becauseIhave experienced nearly every one of your examples for myself (minus throwing my shoes, ripping out cables, oh and the whole standing on your desk… butIhave tried climbing on chairs and stand up in bedalot). Just two nights agoIfell asleep with the tv on, dreamt the tv crew was filming that show in my room, and wandered out of my room into the hallways to “get out of the way” so they could film.. yep.Iwoke up standing in the hallway withaslight memory of the reasoning. It’s weird).Iam trying to take the herbal route by drinking ‘sleepy tea’ before bed and taking melatonin.Iam admittedly scared of sleeping pills becauseIdon’t want to get ‘trapped’ in the night terror (but this isapersonal hypothesis and probably not true). Anyways…Iwish you the best of luck! Please post if you find anything that helps!
      ps… my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy too ;)

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