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The 17 Biggest Bang-tastrophes In The History Of TV And Film

An in depth look at the bad, the bangs, and the ugly.

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16. Pet Meagles - Little Dorrit


Little Dorrit is your quintessential period drama riddled with dreadful hair. And by dreadful, I mean like shockwaves of pain through your optic nerve. It's like traveling through time and getting electrocuted in the process.

13. Pauline - The Paradise


This is just so tragic on so many levels. I don't think that there is a word in the English language offensive enough to describe what we see here. If bangs could talk, these would probably beg to be euthanized.

11. Cassie Steele - Degrassi


If you've watched the show, then you are probably aware that Degrassi High is like a Bangsta's Paradise. Cassie Steele is living proof that both true love and bad bangs know no color.

5. Dandy Mott - AHS Freak Show


If Alfalfa and a homicidal rhino had a baby, it would be Dandy Mott. I find him to be much more terrifying than Twisty the Clown, mostly because of his fangs...I mean bangs.

4. Denise Huxtable


I don't know even know if "bangs" is the appropriate word here. This is more like a botched pompadour/reverse mullet hybrid. If Denise Huxtable can't even pull it off, then you know its unacceptable.

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