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The 17 Biggest Bang-tastrophes In The History Of TV And Film

An in depth look at the bad, the bangs, and the ugly.

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16. Pet Meagles - Little Dorrit


Little Dorrit is your quintessential period drama riddled with dreadful hair. And by dreadful, I mean like shockwaves of pain through your optic nerve. It's like traveling through time and getting electrocuted in the process.

13. Pauline - The Paradise


This is just so tragic on so many levels. I don't think that there is a word in the English language offensive enough to describe what we see here. If bangs could talk, these would probably beg to be euthanized.

12. Anna Karenina


I'd like to think that these bangs were God's way of punishing her for being such an adulterous harlot. Karma can be a bitch, especially when its delivered with a pair of clippers.

11. Cassie Steele - Degrassi


If you've watched the show, then you are probably aware that Degrassi High is like a Bangsta's Paradise. Cassie Steele is living proof that both true love and bad bangs know no color.

7. Sarah O'brien - Downton Abbey


O'Brien's bangs are like a character of their own. Say what you will about the nasty old maid- not many people can boast that their bangs defy gravity.

5. Dandy Mott - AHS Freak Show


If Alfalfa and a homicidal rhino had a baby, it would be Dandy Mott. I find him to be much more terrifying than Twisty the Clown, mostly because of his fangs...I mean bangs.

4. Denise Huxtable


I don't know even know if "bangs" is the appropriate word here. This is more like a botched pompadour/reverse mullet hybrid. If Denise Huxtable can't even pull it off, then you know its unacceptable.

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