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Board Game Movies

Brace yourselves: Hasbro is taking over Hollywood. If you loved the idea of movies based on popular action figures, you will doubtless be THRILLED to discover that several beloved board games are set to become blockbuster films in the near future. Yay?

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  • 1. Battleship

    This epic naval adventure will be directed by Peter Berg of Friday Night Lights (et tu, Peter??) and will I guess be sort of like "The Hunt for Red October" if at some point Sean Connery were forced to swallow his professional pride and say "You sunk my battleship!"

  • 2. Ouija

    Somehow, this is going to be a "Pirates of the Carribean"-style adventure movie. Producer Brad Fuller has extensive experience remaking horror movies like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." So the good news is, he knows how to work in the absence of original ideas.

  • 3. Monopoly

    OK so obviously this is going to be a futuristic film directed by Ridley Scott. Of course! Every time I look at that thimble I think post-apocalyptic dystopia.

  • 4. Candyland

    Unfortunately, somebody already made a super-creepy movie about a world made of candy. And then they remade it a couple years ago. So, this one is going to be a family comedy from the director of Enchanted. You guys, the next couple summers/Christmases are going to be tough. We're going to need to stick together.