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8 Adorable Photos of Barack Obama

Obviously this list could be endless. But here are 8 super-cute recent photos of our dreamy president. It turns out, he is just adorable no matter what he is doing.

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  • 1. Eating a tortilla

    These two are just SO CUTE together.

  • 2. Playing basketball

    If you play with the president, do you have to let him win?

  • 3. Conducting diplomacy

    Meeting with our enemies, as discussed at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

  • 4. Loosening his tie


  • 5. Being patient with coworkers

    "Oh, Joe. Please stop giving away top-secret information at dinner parties."

  • 6. Concentrating

    Being president is a stressful job! The man's gotta relax sometimes.

  • 7. Hugging Michelle

    Seriously. Just the CUTEST couple.

  • 8. Meeting constituents

    This little boy wanted to see if the president's hair felt like his. And...this may actually be the most adorable picture ever taken, in the history of the world, ever.