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Just A Bunch Of Beautiful & Expensive Art Supplies I Can't Afford

Let the suffering commence!

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These Escoda Grafilo Kolinsky Tajmyr Sable Long Handle Brushes look like they came straight out of the LOTR universe!

Were these brushes made by elves? Did Orlando Bloom carve one himself? It's the only explanation for why they cost $12.67 a piece!

This Kuretake Brush Pen was the Valedictorian of its class.


Whatever the brush pen Harvard Law School equivalent is, this brush pen went there and academically destroyed all the other brush pens. And at only $39.64 it's a total bargain, right?? *cries some more*

With this Monet French Easel I could feel like I'm painting a sea of lily pads in paradise.


But even on sale it's $84.99! That's a whole $216.51 off the original price! And that's the only math I'm doing today.

This Jullian Patriot & White French Easel is an easel with a freaking UMBRELLA attached to it!


For only $72.99 you can paint in all kinds of weather! I didn't even know I wanted this until I saw it with my own two eyes.

The most beautiful oil pastels in the world: the Sennelier Standard and Grande brand.


Why do they look like some fancy-ass, celebrity-endorsed, Sephora brand lipsticks? Because they're literally the perfect pastel in every way. That's why.

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