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9 Reasons Why We Should All Love Fine Art

It's not just for the hipsters and oil painters of the world.

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2. It tells a story

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The beauty in a lot of fine art is that while it may seem unassuming at first, its presence can be absolutely profound. Take for example Untitled (Perfect Lovers) by the late Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

4. It helps us understand our presence in space


Minimalist era artists were great at creating spatial awareness. Their work usually consumed interior gallery spaces or exterior landscapes and allowed viewers to interact with the artworks in three-dimension.

5. It promotes environmental awareness


Yes, ceramics and pottery are fine arts, too! Ceramic Artist Kip O'Krongly raises awareness by placing images like farm animals and corn stalks on her work, forcing users to come face to face with the products they are consuming (usually within her pottery). It is a contrast that effortlessly sparks conversation about the environment.

7. It allows us to unwind and meditate


Andy Goldsworthy is a master of creating meditative artwork in a natural landscape. He uses all sorts of naturally sourced materials, like leaves, ice, branches and stones to create wildly imaginative and stunning artwork.

8. We understand much of history through art

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One wonderful example of history presenting itself through the lens of fine arts is in none other than Ancient Rome. My personal favorite building in the world, no one knows exactly when the Pantheon was built, but speculate its first conception was around 30 B.C. It's now used as a church but is open to the public to view the spectacular architectural feats such as the oculus (hole in the ceiling), where rain still falls into an ancient grate on the floor below.

9. Fine Art is an infinite source of learning


Whether it be historical or contemporary art, every piece of art has a vast amount of knowledge put into it--in fact, it has all the knowledge that the artist ever learned hidden in and intentionally placed within it. All of an artist's experiences are a part of every work they make, and through their works, we can endlessly continue to learn more about ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

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