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What Should You Look For In A Franchise Consulting Firm?

There are many firms out there to help guide your business through the franchising process. What questions do you need to be asking in order to find the one right for you?

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First of all, does this firm have a good reputation?


Consulting is all about dealing with people, so if the people aren't happy that is definitely a red flag. Don't be afraid to do a little googling to find out the real deal. Helpful hints on what to search: "so-and-so- complaints" "so-and-so reviews"

Be sure to check that you aren't clicking their website so you get unbiased views. Like everything on the internet, take what you find with a grain of salt.

What all do they offer?


Typical consulting firms will simply offer pieces of franchising. Some firms are full service and will help create, convert, and transform your business into the franchise of your dreams.

Do they have current clients?

If there is no client list on their website, be wary. Franchise consultants should be proud of their clients and display them openly. Plus, you probably don't want to work with someone who has no clients. If they do have a client list, good sign! Perhaps if one of their clients has a location close to you, stop by and talk with the owner about his experience and relationship with the firm.

Are they restaurant based or serviced based firms?

It's important to pick your consulting firm based on their specialties. If you're trying to start a restaurant franchise, then a service based firm wouldn't give you your best shot. Even better pick a firm who's clients are similar to yours. If you're wanting to turn your fast-causal restaurant into a franchise, who knows it better than a firm with fast-casual restaurants as clients.

Do you get along with them?


This is arguably the most important question to ask. You will be spending many hours with the members of your team, it's important that you mesh well with them. Make sure that they hear your opinions and strive to obtain everything you want in your franchise, within reason.

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