Which “The Walking Dead” Character Is Your Spirit Animal?

You yearn for Sunday nights. The comraderie, the life lessons, the squishing of zombie heads like grapes. But which TWD character embodies your true inner self? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. 1. In a walker-filled post-apocalyptic world, you are most worried about the safety of:
    1. Your parents
    2. Your child
    3. Your friends
    4. The comb in your back pocket
    5. Your significant other
  2. 2. Food is scarce. You:
    1. Grow your own food
    2. Open a large can…of whoop ass
    3. Rejoice in finding a ginormous can of puddin’
    4. Blow something up
    5. NOT accept any plates of barbeque
    6. Trap and roast something furry
    7. Wait for someone else to feed you
  3. 3. Describe Yourself.
    1. Someone who loves to be in love
    2. Someone who does what it takes
    3. A total bad ass
    4. A hunter
    5. One word: GLORIOUS
    6. A natural born leader
    7. Impressionable and eager to learn
  4. 4. What's your weapon of choice?
    1. A really big sword
    2. Crossbow
    3. A Smith and Wesson
    4. Dynamite
    5. A dagger
    6. Scissors
    7. All of the Above
  5. 5. Pick a song:
    1. Cats in the Cradle
    2. Hair
    3. Zombie
    4. Me and My Arrow
    5. Holding Out for a Hero
    6. Where Did All the Flowers Go?
    7. Love Will Keep Us Together
  6. 6. Your therapist would say you:
    1. Are co-dependent
    2. Put up an emotional wall
    3. Take on too many responsibilities
    4. Have daddy issues
    5. Are misunderstood
    6. Let yourself get too attached to others
    7. Get upset when people put you on a pedestal
  7. 7. Pick a movie:
    1. The Last Samurai
    2. The Hunger Games
    3. Redemption
    4. Tangled
    5. Endless Love
    6. Boyhood
    7. Love, Actually
  8. 8. Which deceased character do you miss the most?
    1. Ugh! None of them!
    2. Dale
    3. Lori
    4. Shane
    5. Sophia
    6. Hershel
    7. Andrea
  9. 9. What's your favorite zombie rule of thumb?
    1. Travel light
    2. Double tap
    3. Shoot first
    4. Enjoy the little things
    5. Cardio
    6. Don’t be a hero
    7. Use the buddy system
  10. 10. Who was TWD's most heinous villain?
    1. The Claimers
    2. Gareth
    3. Merle
    4. Terminus Mary
    5. Officer Gorman aka the Lollicop
    6. The Governor
    7. Lizzie because creepy kids are the creepiest

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