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Support ALF Activist Keith Mann

Keith Mann has been fighting for animals’ rights his whole life with the ALF. Today, he needs your help fighting cancer.

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Animal rights activist Keith Mann has been fighting for animals’ rights since he was a boy.

Growing up in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, Mann worked for a dairy farm while on a youth training scheme for school.


When he heard the cows cry, he asked other workers why. What he found was the cows were grieving for their young, who are torn away from them after birth so the milk can be harvested.

In 1972, Keith Mann performed his first act of animal liberation when he released a rabbit that was being neglected from its pen.

He joined a group of local hunt saboteurs who handed out leaflets against common animal cruelty practices, such as fox hunting.

One time, he took a tub of goldfish from a fair. He kept 53 fish in his bath tub for weeks until he found a suitable home for them.

Mann was first arrested in 1991 for after he was accused of conspiring to set a number of chicken crates on fire.


He spent 11 years in jail.

Keith Mann was arrested several times in the 2000s, mostly for acts regarding his protest of vivisection—the practice of operating on live animals for the purpose of “scientific” research.

On the cover of his book From Dusk ‘til Dawn, Mann put Britches the monkey on the cover.


You can read more about Britches on Keith Mann’s website.

In 2008 he ran for Parliament on The Animal Welfare Party ticket.


Piers Morgan recently said he would be voting Animal Welfare Party in the general election.

In August 2013, Keith was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma.


It is a nasty, deadly form of cancer with no known cure. He’s been given three years to live.

Because of his convictions, he has refused conventional treatment on moral and ethical grounds. Instead, he is utilizing Gerson Therapy for recovery.

The Gerson protocol is no quick fix and isn't cheap, Keith’s journey of healing involves a flood of organic nutrients and detoxification.

This is a grueling and very expensive process for Keith Mann...


Which is where we come in. Please help him heal by donating what you can so we can provide the necessary medical supplies, physical help and equipment.

May 20th is Keith Mann’s birthday.


Why not help him celebrate with a £10 gift?

That can buy him a bag of organic, fair trade coffee…

Or a crate of locally grown, organic veg.

Whatever you can afford will help! Contribute via PayPal at or check out the Keith Mann Auctions Facebook page.


For more information on Keith Mann and his history in the animal rights movement, visit his official website, Twitter, or Wikipedia.

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