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10 Things About Living With IBD

Inflammatory Bowel Disease includes Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, these are types of autoimmune disease. There is currently no cure for IBD, but it can be managed with medication.

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1. When you have to go, you have to go. NOW! You really can't hold it. Your greatest fear is getting stuck somewhere without a restroom.

2. IBD is a chronic condition, chronic means it doesn't go away. You are very aware of that (even though other people think they need to re-expain it to you). You have the pills and the colonoscopy pics to show for it!

3. You know that, "You don't look sick!" In fact, you're sick of hearing that phrase! Your outsides can look totally normal while your insides are totally messed up.

4.You are tired of hearing, "have you tried...?"You've already been to the doctor a million times and tried a ton of different things. You're probably more aware of new IBD drugs and studies than the average doctor.

5. You've also heard "My cousin's friend's brother has that, and he cured it through blah, blah, blah." First of all, he didn't cure it - maybe it went into remission. Second of all, IBD is different for everyone who has it. What worked for someone else might have no effect on you.

6. Another good one, "I know how you feel." No, you probably don't. Imagine the worst diarrhea you've ever had, now imagine that being your everyday number two routine. That's how I feel. And, yeah, I know all this poop talk can be gross, but I want my friends to know what is going on with me and to be understanding.

7. My favorite one of all time: "Maybe you should change your diet." Really? I mean, REALLY? I already know which foods work for me and which don't. Your current fad diet is not going to be a miracle cure.

8. Yes, this disease involves going to the bathroom a lot, but it's not just that. You can also have chronic tiredness, pain, and fevers. Being chronically sick can also have a big effect on your mental well-being.

9. Sometimes you feel guilty that you can't always get out and do everything you want to do. You feel bad canceling plans, but sometimes you just have to.

10. Having IBD sucks. But it has made you strong and gave you an amazing sense of bathroom humor. You're doing everything you can to feel well, and you're hoping for a cure.

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