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    Photos Capture The Loneliness Of Commuting

    Or, just the weariness of evening travelers.

    Years ago, Travis Huggett noticed how city buses look at night and it caught his attention. He told BuzzFeed that they're so overly lit inside that they're like fish tanks rolling down the street.

    One rainy evening on 14th Street in New York City, Huggett saw a young girl looking out through a streak in a fogged up bus window. She looked right at him, and he knew it would make for a great photo.

    When shooting, he looks for a few things, including older buses that have better, warmer lighting.

    He always keeps an eye out for interesting people.

    Many of his favorite subjects are children and the elderly because they are the least likely to be looking down at their phones.

    Huggett says kids are often looking out the windows, they're curious, they smile, laugh, make faces...

    And older people just grew up in a time when you didn't stare at your phone all the time. They're often looking out the windows too, maybe reading, and of course they have the most interesting faces.

    He says he didn't set out with a mood in mind, but the photos I liked best did end up all having a certain weariness to them.

    Huggett feels like there is something beautiful and almost admirable in the exhaustion people show.

    He's been told the people seem sad, but doesn't think that's quite right...

    Huggett knows how he feels when he's on the bus after a long day. That it's not usually sadness. Tired for sure, a level of loneliness sometimes...

    He can't quite pin down the feeling, but says that this series has taken on a very consistent mood.

    Huggett says that when he takes these photographs, he's not hiding at all. People will often see him, but he tries to wait for the perfect shot, the perfect expression.

    Huggett says he's gotten very little negativity from people, which he attributes to New Yorkers being very difficult to rattle: "They see crazy stuff all the time so someone taking a photo of a bus doesn't really top the list."

    He says he very occasionally may get a dirty look, but more often than not it's just curiosity.

    And that no one has ever given him the finger, which he is both surprised and disappointed by.

    For more images from this ongoing series, "Last Night at the Bus Stop," check out Huggett's website and social platforms, listed below.