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We Got Makeup Artists To Evolve Us Into Pokémon And It Was Great

Gotta catch 'em all!

Ellie Sunakawa / Sarah Kobos / BuzzFeed

Literally everyone and their mom is obsessed with Pokémon Go right now.

@OmgPokemonGo / Via Twitter: @OmgPokemonGo

And of those obsessed, the people in the BuzzFeed offices are kind of the worst.

Sarah Kobos/BuzzFeed

So we said "fuck it" and gave our co-workers exactly what they wanted: the chance to be given a Pokémon-inspired makeover.

We turned Jarry into a Rapidash.

Sarah Kobos/BuzzFeed
Niantic, Inc. / Via Twitter: @PaynegerousLiam

"I've never felt so glittery in my life! The makeup was fun but not over the top — some of my co-workers actually assumed I was just wearing it to work (wow, come on, guys). I usually don't experiment with color or non-matte eyeshadow, so it definitely made me feel closer to ~wild~ Pokémon Rapidash (or at least a lil more fiery)." —Jarry Lee

Essence got a Vaporeon makeover.

Sarah Kobos/BuzzFeed
Niantic, Inc. / Via Twitter: @GeekyGO

"I felt like some kind of magical unicorn alien mermaid in this makeup! I loved the bold blue, and I strongly considered having those brows permanently tattooed on my face.

"Nobody tried to catch me, but I did get a lot of stares and questions. 'OMG! What color lip is that?' 'How did she (the makeup artist) get your eyelids to look wet?'" —Essence Gant

Natalie was transformed into a Gastly.

Sarah Kobos/BuzzFeed
Niantic, Inc. / Via Twitter: @GeekyCreeper

"I did NOT want to take this makeup off. I was wearing yoga pants and a tank top all day, but left the makeup on until I went to bed. This is the sexiest my eye makeup has ever looked, although I don't think I'd ever be able to do it myself (honestly, I don't have the patience to layer on glittery shadow just so). I still promptly went out and bought the lip color (MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in "High Drama").

"I was the Gastly tricking people into thinking I was a ghostly maiden waiting for my long-lost lover; I was mean-girl, mischievous, and sexy. I was appearing annoyingly often in the Sprout Tower. (Well, mostly, I just went back to my desk to do work, but in a mean-girl, tricksy Gastly-type way)." —Natalie Brown

Brett got the Squirtle treatment.

Sarah Kobos/BuzzFeed
Niantic, Inc. / Via Twitter: @Esfera

"Thankfully, nobody caught me, though there were a few close calls. I honestly felt majestic as hell. I’ve never worn makeup like that, and I felt like a superhero…or I guess a Pokémon. I kept it on for hours after the shoot and casually strolled around the office. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"I’ve always seen myself as more of a Charmander, and it was ALWAYS my starter Pokémon. But, you know, maybe this experience has changed me. Perhaps I’ve been more of a Squirtle all along." —Brett Vergara

Kaye became the ethereal Mew.

Sarah Kobos/BuzzFeed
Niantic, Inc.

"It was a little like putting on a costume — I love wearing makeup, but I tend towards the simple and easy, and even though I know how much makeup can affect how you look, I'm always surprised and delighted when that happens to me. But I liked being bedecked in pink glitter. That is my aesthetic all the time.

"I think I aspire to Mew's level of kindness and cuteness. May we all always be powerful, gentle, and covered in pink glitter." —Kaye Toal

Key MAC Cosmetics Products Used:

Rapidash: Retro Matte Lipstick in Feel So Grand, $20; Dazzleshadow Eye Shadow in Let's Roll, $18.

Vaporeon: Lipstick in Dream Pot, $17; Eye Shadow in In the Shadows (on her lips, too!), $16.

Gastly: Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in High Drama, $20; Dazzleshadow Eye Shadow in Feel the Fever, $18.

Squirtle: Eye Shadows in Teal Appeal, New Crop, and In the Shadows, $16.

Mew: Eye Shadow in Cherry Topped, $16; Glitter in 3D Platinum Glitter, $22; Lipstick in St. Germain, $17.

Special thanks to MAC Cosmetics makeup artists Keri Blair and Gisel Calvillo for creating the amazing makeup seen in this post!

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