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    Updated on Dec 23, 2019. Posted on Oct 6, 2016

    16 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Obsessed With Olives

    Mouths "olive juice".

    1. That first blissful bite into a Sicilian olive...

    FXX / Via Hulu

    2. The fact that your favorite snack comes in even the most basic of Bloody Marys.

    Robert Ingelhart / Getty Images

    And when your friends hate them... more for you!

    3. Ordering a dirty martini "extra dirty" not because you're flirting with the bartender, but because you just really love olive juice.

    helenecanada / Getty Images

    4. Knowing that heaven truly is a place on Earth.

    Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket / Getty Images

    And this is what it looks like.

    5. When your love of olives knows no bounds except for sad canned olives. Never canned olives.

    Evgeny Tomeev / Getty Images

    Unless it's the apocalypse.

    6. And so, knowing that feeling of rage and disgust when your Greek salad comes out with those canned black olives instead of kalamata olives.

    Vlakyr / Getty Images

    7. Knowing you're tapping into some nutritional value 'cause olives are a key food in the Mediterranean diet.

    kabVisio / Getty Images

    8. Feeling like your local bodega just *gets* you.

    Martina Roth / Getty Images

    And when it's midnight and you're craving olives, but you only have olive juice in your fridge and don't want to leave the house... you just gotta take a lil sip. Or two.

    9. The dilemma when there's an odd number of olives in the oil that comes with the bread fancy restaurants give you and your partner also loves olives...


    These are war times.

    10. You can get 'em in cream cheese to schmear on your already delicious bagel.

    11. Knowing the fun in sucking out the lil pimento from Spanish olives.

    Severija Kirilovaite / Getty Images

    Just don't choke, pls.

    12. Cheese is great. Olives are great. Cheese stuffed inside of olives is THE SNACK OF GODS.

    seszka / Getty Images

    My mouth is watering rn just looking at this photo.

    13. Hummus is all well and good but tapenade is where it's at.

    margouillatphotos / Getty Images

    Put it on a Muffuletta, a crispy piece of bread, or straight into your mouth!

    14. If you think pizza can't be made better, you obviously haven't had one with kalamata olives.

    Charles Imstepf / Getty Images

    15. The question "Do you want my olives?" is music to your ears.

    mpessaris / Getty Images

    The answer is obviously always "yes" or "um, duh".

    16. And finally, finding too much joy in the fact that mouthing the words "olive juice" looks like you're saying "I love you."

    Destillat / Getty Images

    Olive juice, olives!