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10 Joey Tribbiani Moments That Proves He Was The Most Loveable Character On Friends

He wasn't the smartest, but we loved him just the same.

sarahkeoghan 3 years ago

11 Moments Every Girl That Goes To The Gym Has Experienced

There's a big difference between doing squats in your bedroom to Ariana Grande's latest tune and doing them in front of say, twenty other experienced gym junkies. Sometimes the struggle is real okay?

sarahkeoghan 3 years ago

15 Times Dance Moms Moments That Proved Itself To Be The Best Show Ever

Screaming moms, dance routines and Abby Lee Miller, what more could you want?

sarahkeoghan 3 years ago

13 Moments Every Young Adult Has Experienced Living In The Sutherland Shire

Growing up in the Shire was the bomb, lets be real, but there were always the classic moments that can simply not be forgotten.

sarahkeoghan 3 years ago