27 Reasons Why We All Want To Be Jonah Hill

The man. The legend. There are entirely too many reasons to aspire to be Mr. Hill, but these may or may not be a few of the most important.

1. Oh Jonah, you had us at hello. Even back in his Superbad days, we saw the greatness within.

Yes I do.

2. His sass has been PRIME since the beginning.

Good sarcasm is hard to find.

3. He also had quite the appeal with the ladies.

4. Yet he was relatable. Everyone has their awkward moments.

5. And maybe that caused him to lose his cool for a bit… only making him that much more adorable.

6. But then flash forward a few years, ditch the fro and some lbs, and he’s all grown up and we’re all asfdshfgdsk

That. Our thoughts exactly.

7. Because he’s like “I have arrived!”

8. And we’re all screaming “Yes Yes Yes!!”

9. Because he’s doing REAL movies like Moneyball next to REAL stars like Brad Pitt.

(and let’s be honest we all secretly kind of dream of being able to go all Moneyball on a baseball team ourselves. No, just me? Okay cool.)

10. …and then there’s CHANNING FUCKING TATUM. His teaming with Channing = our panties becoming moist.

11. And even thought we didn’t really “get” some of his other ventures, like Funny People…

12. We still love him even more, specifically because he dressed up like Slim Shady.

13. And clearly just can’t be tamed.

14. Not to mention the fact that he mocks organized sports. *swoon*

15. And is basically mad supportive when it comes to sensitive personal subjects.

16. PS: He also posed as the most badass Peter Pan in history.

17. Oh and did I mention he’s great with kids?

18. As well as… other things.

19. But he’s also a good guy who sincerely cares about women. Awwww

20. So this girl should probably rethink her decision.

21. Because the rest of us are all doing this…

22. I mean, who can blame us? He’s bringing sexy back. Look out, JT.

23. And even though he’s not the most religious…

24. He’s got the swagga where it counts.

25. And he knows what it does to us.

26. And we don’t even care. Because he feels us.

27. And in the end, he can do no wrong. Keep on killin it, Jonah Hill. We’ll always want to be you.

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