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A Special Sparkle Of Magic For The Festive Season

According to statistics, the 24th December is the most popular day to propose, and it isn’t hard to understand why. See some of the top picks for 2016's engagement rings

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The excitement and magic of Christmas overspills into your every day life and makes everything so much more dreamy. Couples are winding down to enjoy the festivities together, either with families or just the two of them, and happiness is in abundance- particularly after a tipple or two!

If you’re thinking about proposing to your partner over the Christmas period but haven’t managed to find the perfect ring yet, then read on. We’ve put together a guide of beautiful rings, both delicate and understated, as well as pure luxurious statements from all manner of retailers from around the Midlands.

This season, some of the top trends in engagement rings are square cut and emerald cut diamonds, coloured gemstones like peachy morganite or deep blue sapphires and cluster rings that combine multiple diamonds or other stones.

For The Princess

Lanes Fine Jewellery / Via

They love a bit of luxury, and their ideal engagement ring is bold and beautiful- just like them! Yellow or pink diamonds may well be their thing, and you need a statement ring to match their Princess status. Ring from Lanes Fine Jewellers.

For The Traditionalist

Chapelle Jewellery / Via

Square cut, and diamond, their ideal engagement ring is traditional in colour and cut. They love a little bit of bling, but only if it's tastefully done, and wouldn't want something that would clash with any of their outfits. Ring from Chapelle.

For The Fashionista

Lanes Fine Jewellery

They like quirky and fashionable engagement rings, particularly those that are instagram-worthy. Rose gold, golds and peaches are very on trend, and combining those colours with diamonds makes for an exceptional ring. Plus- they'll match a nude lippie! Ring from Lanes Fine Jewellers.

For The Vintage Queen

Chapelle Jewellery / Via

They love shopping in vintage shops, upcycling furniture and customising everything from their clothes to their jewellery. That's why a vintage period ring would be just their thing. An oval sapphire with a cluster of diamonds around the edge adds a touch of glamour to the day. Ring from Chapelle.

For The Boho Babe

Links Of London / Via

Material things aren't necessarily for them right now, but they will understand the importance and symbolism of an engagement ring. But who says you need a rock on your finger? There's a recent trend of rings that eschew the normal engagement ring features and there'll certainly be a quirky ring to suit. Ring from Links Of London.

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