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    Why "Riverdale" Can Stay On My Set-To-Record List

    Is that Cody Martin?

    So you know Archie? Archie Comics? Yeah, I like them. A lot.

    Marvel and DC are superb. Iconic. Ground-breaking. But they don't hold a candle to my Archie Comics Publications.

    And since I feel the unnecessary need to prove that I am a grade-A Archie fan, here's my personal collection:

    And no, before you ask - I'm not a part of the Archie-Illuminati

    Good ol' Archie was always making a mess of things. But he had friends who loved him and who helped him make everything right by the comic's last panel.

    Archie's been around a long time - 75 years to be exact. And he's gone through some major changes.

    But as a long-term, die-hard fan, I still have a right to be a little resistant to the CW's take on the franchise - its new series, "Riverdale." Right??

    After waiting nearly 15 years for a live-action adaptation of my beloved comics, I was more than uneasy when I heard of all the changes the show would make to the decades-old characters.

    I mean, Jason Blossom is dead?!

    Archie has an affair with Ms. Grundy?!

    Luke Perry is Archie's dad, Fred Andrews?

    I shouldn't be surprised. This isn't the first time Archie has strayed from the usual easy-going, teen fanfare.

    And I know "Riverdale" will be taking its cues from a new Archie comic series similarly titled, "New Riverdale"

    Enter: Cole Sprouse as my beloved Jughead

    And that's when I knew

    Everything was going to be okay

    Because this weirdo...

    Was going to be THIS weirdo

    Are you...ever just okay with some decisions in life?

    Archie is no longer bffs with Jughead in the pilot, you say?

    I'll live.

    Smithers, the Lodge's butler, won't be British?

    What's that you said?

    They could make this Jughead not eat as much as his cartoon counterpart

    They could make him be actually interested in dating

    My point is, Suite-Life-Cody-Martin-Ross-Geller's-Son COLE SPROUSE is Forsythe P "Jughead" Jones.

    And I am HERE for it.

    Brooding under-eye shadows and all

    I mean, just LOOK AT HIS GANGLY LEGSss

    Basically, you've got me "Riverdale." I'll be watching.

    Besides, even when some of the differences start to really spring up between the comics and tv show (& some are good differences)

    Archie and the gang will always be waiting for me at Pop Tate's - ready for the next adventure.