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    Why "Riverdale" Can Stay On My Set-To-Record List

    Is that Cody Martin?

    So you know Archie? Archie Comics? Yeah, I like them. A lot.

    Archie Comics / Via

    Like a lot, a lot.

    Marvel and DC are superb. Iconic. Ground-breaking. But they don't hold a candle to my Archie Comics Publications.

    And since I feel the unnecessary need to prove that I am a grade-A Archie fan, here's my personal collection:

    Sarah Johnson

    The digests start to add up when you've been reading them since the 3rd grade.

    And no, before you ask - I'm not a part of the Archie-Illuminati

    Archie Comics / Via

    I still don't know what those double hashtags on the side of his head are.

    Good ol' Archie was always making a mess of things. But he had friends who loved him and who helped him make everything right by the comic's last panel.

    Mid-Day / Via

    *clutches heart from nostalgia overload*

    Archie's been around a long time - 75 years to be exact. And he's gone through some major changes.

    Bookmarked! / Via

    His hair became slightly more orange to match his pants.

    But as a long-term, die-hard fan, I still have a right to be a little resistant to the CW's take on the franchise - its new series, "Riverdale." Right??

    The CW / Via

    Who are these people? Where is Archie's hair double-hashtag?!

    After waiting nearly 15 years for a live-action adaptation of my beloved comics, I was more than uneasy when I heard of all the changes the show would make to the decades-old characters.

    The CW / Via

    I mean, Jason Blossom is dead?!

    The CW / Via
    Archie Comics / Via

    So, what - no Blossom twin scheming this season? Or like, ever?

    Archie has an affair with Ms. Grundy?!

    Archie Comics / Via

    Luke Perry is Archie's dad, Fred Andrews? / Via

    haha okay.

    I shouldn't be surprised. This isn't the first time Archie has strayed from the usual easy-going, teen fanfare.

    Archie Comics / Via

    Ranging from Zombie Apocalypses, to alternate timelines, to marriages.

    And I know "Riverdale" will be taking its cues from a new Archie comic series similarly titled, "New Riverdale"

    The CW / Via

    But I needed something to secure my faith in this adaptation.

    Enter: Cole Sprouse as my beloved Jughead

    NewNowNext / Via

    And that's when I knew

    Everything was going to be okay

    The CW / Via

    Because this weirdo...

    The CW / Via

    Was going to be THIS weirdo

    Archie Comics / Via

    Are you...ever just okay with some decisions in life?

    Archie is no longer bffs with Jughead in the pilot, you say?

    The CW / Via

    I'll live.

    The CW / Via

    Smithers, the Lodge's butler, won't be British?

    Archie Comics / Via

    What's that you said?

    The CW / Via

    Funny, I don't think I heard you

    They could make this Jughead not eat as much as his cartoon counterpart

    The CW / Via

    sip, sip

    They could make him be actually interested in dating

    The CW / Via

    Although for a while there, rumors said that they'd finally announce he was asexual!

    My point is, Suite-Life-Cody-Martin-Ross-Geller's-Son COLE SPROUSE is Forsythe P "Jughead" Jones.

    The CW / Via

    And I am HERE for it.

    The CW / Via

    Brooding under-eye shadows and all

    The CW / Via

    Something tells me Betty won't be the one with the diary in this adaptation.

    I mean, just LOOK AT HIS GANGLY LEGSss

    The CW / Via

    Basically, you've got me "Riverdale." I'll be watching.

    The CW / Via

    Besides, even when some of the differences start to really spring up between the comics and tv show (& some are good differences)

    Archie Comics / Via

    Archie and the gang will always be waiting for me at Pop Tate's - ready for the next adventure.

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