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    Why It's Okay You Were Obsessed With Twilight

    You were either a passionate Team Edward or Team Jacob fan, and that's NOTHING to be ashamed of. Call me your pop-culture lawyer because I'm here to defend the sparkle out of the Twilight saga.

    Quick Q: when you see this movie poster, what do you feel?

    When people make a terribly insulting Twilight joke, just downright throwing the franchise in the gutter, do you feel the need - no, the urge - to nervously respond with, "LOL RIGHT?!"

    Lemme guess - you shudder. You scramble for a lie. You have to make it seem like you never knew Edward Cullen's birthday & horoscope, right? RIGHT?!

    You wrongly feel pressured and encouraged to completely throw away your middle school dreams and ambitions, and pretend like the Twilight phenomenon of your youth just DIDN'T happen.

    As if you didn't live, breathe, watch, and read everything Stephanie Meyers produced.

    Here's the thing: I get being embarrassed.


    Yes, yes, yes. I loved Twilight - and that means I'm not above making fun of it in all its amazing, sparkly glory. But this article isn't about that. I'm just defending the fact that, Hey - it does not deserve the hate with a capital H that it always seems to get. ja feel?

    K, Here we go:

    1. "Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were horrible choices"

    And c'mon - nothing should please you more than hearing Robert Pattinson sass and jab at himself as Edward. For that sole reason, we should be pleased and thankful that he was selected as our Mr. Cullen.

    2. "Still a better love story than Twilight..."

    3. Jacob never wears a shirt.

    View this video on YouTube

    Here's a 2011 Oscars flasback that doesn't involve Anne Hathaway (bless her). Enjoy:

    4. The series is not as good as Harry Potter!


    The only thing these series share in common is the fact they became #1 best-sellers (and werewolves are thrown in there somewhere, I think).

    Okay, so maybe those aren't the only things they share...

    Conclusion (for now...):

    Twilight was amazing for what it was trying to be - a teenage & desperate romance that added some fairy-tale characters in along the way. These books weren't written to win a Pulitzer Prize or to be on a best-novels-written list somewhere out there. It was to give teenage girls an attractive vampire boyfriend to swoon over; to have them root for Bella and Edward (or Jacob) and cry when their favorite is feeling heartbroken, just how they've felt before; to show that love (no matter how cheesy and messy and unrealistic) always conquers evil and despair.

    If that's what you're afraid the franchise is teaching people...I feel sorry for you.

    At what age do we stop believing in Love that is stronger than any emotion felt and any rational thought? It may be naive to think that way, but maybe this naivety is what makes us human. And we shouldn't discourage people from liking things in general, much less things that involve such noble pursuits as love.

    So, until next time friends, go enjoy a guilt-free read or viewing of any of the Twilight incarnations.

    I think you owe it to yourself to love anything you want to (that also means you get to make fun of it as much as you want to - what a double win).

    Maybe next time I can review how much Riley Biers was the real star of the films, how Rami Malek & Lee Pace needed to be in every movie, and how Mike Welsh deserved better.