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The Perks Of Being Single

"It's fun," they said. "You won't regret it," they said.

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1. You get to hang out by yourself ALL THE TIME.

#selfies for days.

Your Instagram account is about to get real.

2. You can eat WHATEVER you want.

You used to have to hide your hot cheetos-dipped-in-cream-cheese obsession,

but now you can eat it FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER.

3. You don't have to look good for ANYONE.

You can repeat outfits...just make sure to shower.

And change your underwear.

Don't be gross.

4. You can live with YOUR PARENTS again.

They've always been there for you.


5. You can sleep ALL BY YOURSELF.

Finally, you can fart in your sleep without feeling embarrassed.

(Not that any of us do this or anything...)

6. Your pet becomes your significant other BY DEFAULT.

"Sorry, I can't go out tonight. I told Fido I'd stay home."

7. You get to PAY FOR EVERYTHING out of your own pocket.

Get used to seeing presents with the tag,

"To: Me

From: Me"

You'll always get exactly what you want!


8. You can make ALL THE MISTAKES that you ever wanted!

Drunk texts sent to randoms? Check.

Pursuing the person that your ex always hated? Check.

Bad life decisions? Check.

Regrets? Only a few.

9. And when you're ready, you can try ONLINE DATING!

It always works on the commercials...?

10. Sooo...

JK LOLZ, go get em' tiger!


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